By Don Uba#

A group under the aegis of Orlu Political Movement, OPOMO, has emerged, with a stern warning that the political class of Owerri Zone extraction stops fanning the embers of hatred and violence against other zones in the state, adding that they should bury their heads in shame and look for subtle ways to solve their political woes allegedly inflicted on them by themselves, instead of seeking for whom to blame.

Speaking to newsmen during the Weekend after a marathon meeting in Owerri, the Acting Chairman of the group, Chief Maurice Chidi Okafor, said that they had discussed extensively over the political situation in the state as it concerns electoral positions, most especially the governorship position come 2019, and decided to persuade Hon. ThankGod Ezeani to contest for the position of the Governor of Imo state.

“We have deliberated on many issues today, but
top on our agenda is that of the Governorship position of Imo state which seems to be topping discussions in the state and beyond.

“The people of Owerri Zone should stop threatening other zones over the Governorship position, but should rather sit down and seek for other modalities that would make them stay closer to power. This is because they cannot eat their cake and have it. Owerri Zone is where the state capital situates and the zone is already developed.

“Apart from that, the issue of zoning is not constitutional and they should stop behaving as if heaven would fall if they did not get the top political slot in the state.

“They killed the so called zoning arrangement when they overwhelmingly voted for the incumbent governor in 2011, trusting that he would go for a tenure and hand over to an Owerri Zone person in 2015. Even at that, the came out in their multitude to support the incumbent Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha again in 2015. So who are they blaming? It is even more worrisome that those championing the Owerri Zone for Governor 2019 are those that betrayed their course during the last Governorship election.”

Furthermore, Chief Okafor urged for a new political class made up of new breed politicians and the younger ones to come up with positive modalities that would chat a new course for the zone, rather than allow themselves to be cajoled and schemed out again as the general elections draws near.

OPOMO in her wisdom, according to the Acting Chairman, “has discovered that the only person that will take us out from this political quagmire and economic stagnation is
Honourable ThankGod Ezeani, an indigene of Uzii autonomous community in Ideato-North LGA of the state. He is also a PhD holder in Economics, an Industrialist and a Philanthropist per excellence who has achieved success in all facets of lives without making noise.

He added: “Recall that since the inception of this present democracy, no graduate had governed the state and this is our best bet now. I am calling on the good people of Imo state to join us and persuade Hon. Ezeani to join the race irrespective of zonal and political party affiliations in our own interest and that of the next generation to come”.

When asked if it would not be an affront to other zones if Orlu zone takes another slot at the Imo Governorship in 2019, he retorted: “Governorship positions are not given according to our constitution, but elected. So the holder of such office in Imo state and everywhere is elected through the ballot box. It is left for Ndi Imo to decide who leads them.

“It is our prayers that Honourable ThankGod Ezeani has a Petrol – chemical industry in his community and another factory that is on going somewhere in the state would harken to the voice of reason to contest for the Governorship of Imo state. We are ready to give him our total support to excel irrespective of the party he will use to contest, as arrangements have be en concluded to send emissaries to him over our resolutions”.

The group also called on the Commisioner of Police Imo state to immediately arrest those threatening fire and brimstone for political offices, adding that they were trying to cause violence following their unguided comments.

“These groups championed by Owerri people may incite the ignorant against others in the state”, he warned.


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