A tiny division may evolve in the political camp of Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha over his succession plan in 2019.

Since reports became widespread that the camp may have settled for an Uche Nwosu/ George Eche governorship ticket or vice versa, a top government official  and undiluted loyalist of  the governor, who is also interested in the contest, has not relented in advancing his ambition as well.

The official who has been the governor’s confidante for more than 20 years have been holding nocturnal meetings with his political soulmates and associates across board which is geared towards his 2019 governorship ambition.

One of such meetings was held at his village recently where series of strategies and consultations were mapped out to advance his ambition despite the lack of sufficient green-light from his boss and mentor to carry on with any political project at the moment.

A source at the meeting who spoke to this newspaper said despite the fact that the governor has not openly announced his successor, the top official is relying on his loyalty to his boss and age long friendship to win over his support.

Okorocha has been said to be disposed to his son- in law and Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu to take over the affairs of governance of the state in 2019.

He has not openly confirmed or dispelled the claims which puts a question mark on such plans for now.  Another report has it that if a Nwosu ticket becomes contentious and possibly generate heat and uproar in the State, the Secretary to the State Government, George Eche who is from Owerri zone, may be drafted in for the APC governorship ticket, while Nwosu gets the Deputy governor ticket. This plan also exists within the realm of speculation as nothing is certain yet.

Not deterred by the posturing of the duo, the government official is pushing on with his ambition ostensibly to drive home his seriousness for the contest and dare the odds.

A close observer of the political ding dong in Okorocha’s camp told this newspaper that “there will be compromises in Okorocha camp when the battle gets hot and fierce. Because with various interests spring up within the camp for 2019, there is every possibility that the situation will get tough.

” However, as a deft politician, I do not see the three major contenders in his camp losing out. He will sit down and decide who goes for what position in his camp”

” Whatever he decides if it works out for him or not largely depends on the decision of the people of Imo State ” he said


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