We know those to blame if some elements in the North go ahead to mete mayhem on our people in the North. The recent variant of Biafran agitators did not behave like true Igbos. A true Igbo understands the importance of ‘ako na uche’. We know that uche is not enough if there is no ako. In the streets, we call it ‘number 6’. You don’t come out to pour expletives on other tribes, throw threats around without planning and preparing well. You do not expose your siblings to trouble without devising ways to protect them.

I do not take threats from the North slightly, because I know what they are capable of doing. Those who put these threats out will not be the ones to carry them out when the time comes. There are millions of youths in the North who have nothing to lose. How many of such youths do we have in the Southeast? There are millions of youths in the North who have never seen 10,000 Naira in their entire lives and who are not dreaming about getting that.

They are not bothered about it, too. Those are the type of people you need to wage ideological wars. They are not afraid to die, neither do they have anything to lose. We do not have such people down here. If you beat the gong of war today, you will hardly see any structure owned by a northerner down here that will be torched, but our people have more properties in the North than the northerners themselves.

Security agencies need to sit up and find ways to arrest the situation before they make true their threats. We do not want another ethnic clash in this country, not to talk of another full blown war.

Our Igbo elders need to stop urging these urchins on, call them back and speak sense into them. Ojukwu did not front war, as a soldier, he understood how disastrous wars could be and did everything to ensure peace. He did not declare war on Nigeria, he only led our people on a self defense mission. Our elders should these people beating the drums of war to desist. Stop inciting anyone, stop insulting anyone, stop spreading hate


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