This website has stumbled on the odds like a mount Kilimanjaro that may stall the perceived 2019 governorship ambition of Imo State Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere. There have been speculations that Madumere has his sights on the governorship of Imo State in 2019 though he is not known to have communicated  the issue to anyone publicly.

However, series of meetings and consultations have been ongoing to oil the 2019 guber ambition of the smiling Deputy Governor who is a core loyalist of Governor Okorocha.

Thick in the plot and orchestrating the political moves of the Mbieri Prince are serious-minded and respected politicians who have cut their teeth in the art of politicking in the State.

With a relationship that span for over 20 years, Madumere is banking on his absolute loyalty to his boss as a strong factor that will qualify him to take over from the Imo State Governor.  It was Madumere that was humiliated by opposition forces during the 2011 governorship election on Okorocha’s’ behalf!

Sources said in 2015 he  coordinated for his boss those who should be entrusted with APC tickets for various elective positions in Owerri zone- a move that showed the depth of confidence and loyalty he earned from Rochas.

Politically, Madumere is highly favoured to be Okorocha’s successor considering the fact he comes from Owerri zone – a geo political zone that has been agitating for the governorship seat of the state for a long time. Despite Governor Okorocha’s reluctance to accept the principle of zoning in the state, there are indications that he may still be favoured if the ovation is so loud.

However, the political gimmicks and intrigues in the Rescue mission camp does not seem to favour him at the moment. It remains unknown if he will retain the privilege bestowed on him by his boss in 2015 to “allocate” party tickets to loyal Okorocha’s men and women that will jostle for one position or the other in 2019.

It is said that Madumere may have unknowingly incurred the anger of his boss for showing his ambition so early in the day. Those familiar with political undercurrents in Okorocha’s camp said those who exhibit political ambitions so early incur his wrath easily.

“You do not show how ambitious you are if you are with Okorocha. He determines your political fate and future. He keeps you aside if you show how ambitious you are no matter how close you are to him” a close source told this news website.

Though it is not clear if Okorocha has ruled Madumere out of his succession plans for 2019 for showing how ambitious he is, political schemings in the Rescue Mission Camp point to a fact that he may have a herculean task to get his boss to anoint him as his choice for 2019 guber.

Okorocha had announced that he is returning power to the youths in 2019. He had set a 50 years benchmark for anyone that will take over from him.   The Deputy Governor just clocked 53 years old on July 4th, 2017.  Anti Madumere forces argue that he has benefited for his loyalty to Okorocha and has been adequately rewarded with the position of Chief of Staff and Deputy Governor in the Rescue Mission government.They contend that asking his boss for the governorship of Imo State might just be too much a demand.

Those who push this argument say things have also changed so much in Okorocha’s camp since 2011 till date.

“It is not just Rochas, Madumere and Anthony Anwuka alone in the Rescue Mission boat when they came on board in 2011. Now we have new staunch, loyal and dedicated persons in the inner circle of the Governor. We have Uche Nwosu, Paschal Obi, George Eche,Chike Okafor, the House of Rep member and others who are now part of Owelle’s political enclave and needs to be accommodated in his future political plans”  an inside source told this website.

This is one major hurdle Madumere has to contend with. And if this argument becomes so strong, he may find himself in a political quagmire viz a viz 2019 Imo guber.

Invariably, this is the strength of  Uche Nwosu, Government House Chief of Staff, who has been acting  like defacto governor of Imo State and the Governor in waiting lately.

Uche is Okorocha’s son in law and he falls into the 50 years benchmark set by his father in law for the 2019 succession plan. It was Uche Nwosu and not Madumere, that was handed over the APC governorship ticket in 2015 when Okorocha went to Lagos State for the APC presidential primary. When he lost at the Presidential Primary to Buhari, Okorocha re-collected the ticket from Nwosu.

Many wondered why Madumere termed as Mr. Loyalty was not bestowed with such responsibility by his boss. That singular act was interpreted to be a clear display of the Governor’s trust on  his son- in law and a signal that the young Chief of Staff is highly favoured for 2019 Imo governorship seat ahead of Madumere. A replay of the 2015 scenario may be imminent again judging from how all activities of government are co-ordinated by Uche Nwosu recently.

Pundits say this explains the heightened social and political activities around the Chief of Staff in contrast to the low ebb of political activities within the office of  the Deputy Governor.

“Uche Nwosu is revered by loyalists of the governor. He is Okorocha’s eyes and legs. Its like he is being prepared for something big and large. Commissioners, SAs, House of Assembly members are at his feet. We require no soothsayer to say that the Chief of Staff is Rochas anointed” said a close observer of the political intrigues ongoing in the Governor’s camp.

Further findings by this news website indicate that the Deputy Governor seldom have time to fine- tune his political strategies because he is always away to represent the governor on social engagements outside the state.

“It is either he is in Abuja or Lagos representing the governor at one function or the other. It is understandable that this is one of his functions as Deputy Governor, but it has become so frequent that one can see some political ulterior motives behind the constant errands” a source said.

Lately, this website was told, he was sent to Belgium on a week-long official engagement.

“This could just be a ploy to weaken his political moves while other contenders in Okorocha’s camp are at home oiling their political schemings” a reliable source told this website.

The office of the Deputy Governor is said to be poorly funded. It was gathered that most functions and engagements are stifled due to lack of funds.

Somd political analysts say Madumere may have fallen victim to several  in-house political gimmicks because of his alleged political association with some known advocates of Owerri zone for governor in 2019. Several groups have been drumming for an Owerri zone governor in 2019 notably the Owerri Equity Movement.

With 18 months away to the next political dispensation, Madumere has a long, tortuous task to step into the shoes of his boss but like a cat with nine lives, his humility and loyalty may just be the secret or passport to the sucess of his ambition.


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