The Imo Equity Movement has felicitated with  Imo State pensioners over their victory in the matter involving them with the Imo State government.

In a statement signed by Tobechi Chigbu, Director Media and Strategy of the group, it alleged that the government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha had maliciously robbed them of their legitimate entitlemts and other constitutional rights.

Part of the statement reads “This victory is a reassurance to all those who have been oppressed by Gov. Okorocha’s administration and whose cases are at various stages of adjudication in our Law Courts and the Court of Public Opinion, that justice shall eventually prevail. We commiserate with you for the death of some of your colleagues who died as a result of this iniquitous denial of their meager means of livelihood for several months. Be rest assured that at the judgment bar of the Almighty, the wicked shall receive his just recompense”

The Movement also thanked the Nigeria Bar Association for rising up to the defense of the defenseless without legal charges to challenge impunity and crass avarice by an unjust governor who has long since lost legitimacy and all sense of decorum.

“The NBA has once again shown that the judiciary is in very deed, “the last hope of the common man” in our beloved Imo State” it stated

“We hereby call on the Nigeria Labour Congress to redouble its efforts in demanding through the same channels for the immediate payment of arrears of illegal deduction of 30% made on salaries and other inexplicable swindling of its members’ emoluments in the past two years, given that bailout funds paid by the Federal Government to Imo State for purposes of cushioning the effects of the recession, appears to have been looted by the Governor and his family” the statement stated.



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