Justice James Okereke (Igodo) is a man of many parts. He is a gentleman to the core and a man known to do have done great things.

The Umuonyeche born Owerri Municipal businessman, politician and contractor is soft spoken with a tender heart.Beneath that calmness and tenderness is a man that has done many things for the good of the society.

He is a titled Chief whose contributions to the development of his community are awesome. Many of his kinsmen attest to this and his goodness to the poor and the needy. His love for his community and Owerri people earned him the prestigious chieftaincy title of Igodo 1 of Owerri conferred on him by the Late Eze Emmanuel Njemanze, the Ozuruigbo v of Owerri.

For Owerri people and as a contractor known for his professional competence, he built many shopping malls in Owerri city and beyond where many youths have gained employment. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Bazaar and Plaza (Nig) limited which has carried several construction jobs across the country.

As a politician, he has proved his mettle and worth. This is why in 2007, there was a clarion call on him by his people to contest for the Federal House of Representatives for Owerri Federal Constituency.

Igodo also held several state government appointments where he discharged himself creditably and this earned him several recognition from past state governments in Imo State.

He is also known for his numerous philanthropic works and activities. He gives to the poor and the needy. This is why a lot of people attest to his milk of human kindness and humane nature. And in order to expand his philanthropic works, he established a non- governmental organization that is carrying out numerous philanthropic activities.

He is also a devout Christian,  an outstanding deacon of the Winners Chapel where he is diligently carrying out the work of God. He has not relented in his calling to propagate the gospel of God. He was the 1st leader of the Board of Deacons of Winners Chapel, Owerri under Bishop Dickson Olareinde in Owerri where he performed excellently.

He also has a Doctorate Degree from the Christian International University and the Global Harvest University in the United States of America.

Despite these accolades, Igodo has been busy changing peoples lives in many ways using the power of the social media to advocate and minister to the people across the globe. He has not relented and will not relent. Daily he is besieged by millions of people across the globe who go to his face-book and instragram handles to read his morning devotions and preaching.

“Every morning, I am besieged by millions of people who look up to me to minister to them through the social media.  I have had God’s calling right from my childhood days and now I have answered my calling from God.” he said in an interview recently.

Indeed, this is a man of the future who can give hope to the hopeless and can offer responsible and responsive leadership for his people and beyond. Igodo is a perfect example of how Nigerian politicians can still play politics and take active part in the things of God.


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