Ohaneze Ndi Igbo have given reasons why it wants restructuring to secession.

The Igbo socio- political group said “ no ethnic group has more stake in the Nigerian project that the Igbo and as such Igbos cannot think of a break up as a viable option.

President of the organization, John Nwodo made Ohaneze’s position known in a statement he signed.

Nwodo said Igbos have invested their resources even without any corresponding investment from others in Igboland.

Leaders of Igbo nation do not see the breaking up of Nigeria as a reasonable option at this time, he said.

IPOB and MASSOB have consistently called for secession of Igbo from Nigeria.

Nwodo was quoted in the statement saying that Igbo leaders made up of the leadership of Ohaneze, State Governors, National Assembly members, traditional and religious leaders, after deliberating on the situation concluded that the option of restructuring is the reasonable way to go.


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