It was the Late Sage, Chief ObafemiAwolowo who told the whole world that he was first a Yoruba man before he became a Nigerian. It therefore follows that every Nigerian is first a member of his ethnic nationality before becoming a Nigerian

On a personal note, I believe in One Nigeria. I want this Country to remain a one indivisible Nation. For us to achieve this there must be good leadership, fairness, equity, and equal distribution of resources to the six geo-political zones in this Country. There must be equal distribution of political offices to the six geo-political zones in this Country.Once there is a suspicion and confirmation by a particular geo-political zone that they are being maltreated, ill-treated and mis-treated on the afore-mentioned issues, then self determination becomes their plan – B and it is not a crime.

It pains me, it worries me and it disturbs me that the Present Federal Government led by His Excellency, PresidentMohammaduBuhari has openly shown great disdain for the people of South East. Yes, Buhari has shown great disdain to the Igbo in this Country, and that is the main reason the agitation for BIAFARA is very high today.
Before I open the minds of the reading public, let me informthe World that I have never been a coward, and I cannot keep quiet now that it is openly obvious that there is a plot to perpetually keep my people, the Igbo and indeed the people of South East in bondage. The time has come for us to look at these idiots straight in their eyes and tell them “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. But before then, we must let the whole world to know that the people of South East are being marginalized and that is why our great Son, Citizen Nnamdikanu stepped out to demand for self determination for his people. To silence him, they arrested him and accused him of belonging to unlawful society, labeling him a terrorist and charging him for treason.

It is a notorious fact that the Igbo are treated as second class and even third class citizens in this Country, even when we are one of the three major tribes. We have the worst road networks in this Country; The Federal Government has consistently refused to rehabilitate these roads. Our brothers and sisters living in the Northern part of this country are daily being killed. Anytime we haveBoko Haram attacks in the North, it is the Igbo that get killed, and their businesses are rendered impotent.

Honestly, these are some of the reasons that spurred our great son, Citizen NnamdiKanu into action. These are some of the unhealthy situations Citizen NnamdiKalu saw and came to the painful conclusion that it would be better for him to start RADIO BIAFRA and use it to propagate what has been on the lips of majority of Igbo since the last 16 years or more. Citizen NnamdiKanu lives in London. If he were a terrorist, the British government would have arrested him. If he belonged to an unlawful society, the International Societies and communities would have said so. He told the whole World that he would be in Nigeria Six weeks ago and he did. The next thing that happened was that, the shameless, useless and most irresponsible Security Department, DSS, clamped down on him. They arrested him.

They did not find any gun on him. They did not find any explosive with him. Just Nothing. Yet the idiots arrested him labeling him a terrorist. Today, Citizen NnamdiKanu is being charged with treason. This is Nonsensical Nonsense, on the part of the Federal Government and her agents. Yet Citizen NnamdiKanu was immediately granted bail when the idiots (DSS) arraigned him in court. The bail conditions had long been met, yet the fools are still holding him.
Just yesterday being the 1st of December 2015, Citizen NnamdiKanu was brought to the Court, but the Presiding magistrate was nowhere to be found. He did not sit. Perhaps, the Powers that be ordered him not to sit yesterday.

The other day, we were told that the DSS had secured an order to further detain Citizen Nnamdi for 90 days, but earlier before then, his bail conditions had been met. Who is fooling who?

What is Citizen NnamdiKanu’s Crime? Nothing. Yes, just Nothing. Except saying what anybody with BIAFRAN Blood has been saying. Why is the DSS finding it difficult to arrest the man who said openly that he would make this Country ungovernable should he lose the 2011 Presidential election? Why is the DSS finding it difficult to arrest the man who said that the attack on Boko Haram is the fight against the North? Why WhyWhyWhyWhy and Why?
The actions of the Buhari Presidency towards the people of South East have made the agitation of Citizen NnamdiKanu more cogent and valid.

(1) Buhari’s lopsided appointments do not represent ethnic Diversity. All major appointments were given to Northerners. Just check it out; INEC Chairman, Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Comptroller General of Customs, Director General of DSS.
(2) The Igbo are treated with disdain in federal Government appointments. For example, a Professor of Education with over 30 years experience was made a Junior Minister of Education and he reports to a “Cut and nail” journalist (backyard Journalist) who is the substantive Minister. The junior Minister is an Igbo man while the other man is the main Minister from the north.
So, where is equity and fair play here?
(3) The South-East Produce Oil, yet the zone receive the least allocation from Federal Government. The North East, North West and North Central that do not produce oil receive higher allocation from Federal Government from the revenue of oil sales.
(4) The South East Zone has the least number of states in this country. While other zones have six to seven states, the South East have only five states. Yet we are the Second most populated zone in this country.
(5) No South Easterner occupies a high position in our armed forces. Be it Police, Army, Navy, Air Force etc.
(6) Buhari’s first gift to the people of South East was to transfer Boko Haram suspects to our land, thereby heightening tension.
(7) Suspension of the construction of the Second Niger Bridge by the Present Federal Government.
(8) Using Federal Policies to kill the economic interest of the people of South East.
(9) And so on and so forth.
These are some of the things or reasons our own blood brother, Citizen NnamdiKanu was complaining about, before the idiots arrested him. The truth is that arresting Citizen NnamdiKanu has not solved anything. Rather it has put the Buhari Presidency and the DSS on the Spot. Arresting him has exposed the insincerity of the Buhari Presidency on the Igbo. But his arrest, intimidation and harassment will not stopus from talking about BIAFRA. After all, what Biafra is to the South East, is what Arewa is to the North. And that is what Oduduwa is to the west. Why is our own different?
The Travail of Citizen NnamdiKanu can be likened to what I suffered in the hands of the shameless Imo State Police Command, when they connived with the most corrupt and irresponsible then Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly to accuse me and my wife of murder in June 2014. I Spent 11 months in prisons custody (and my wife, 6 ½ months) before the allegation against us were quashed.
I exposed the criminal activities of then Speaker Benjamin Uwajumogu to the world and officially petitioned the EFCC. The disgraced Ex-Speaker sent five boys to come and kill me on the 3rd of June 2014. The boys ended up killing another person, one Architect Franklin Okoli. Then, Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu turned around and connived with the shameless Imo State Police Command led by an idiot and foolish Commissioner of Police, C.P Abdulmajid Ali (08033104650), to accuse me of the murder. Till today the hopeless Imo State Police Command has refused to arrest the five boys who murdered Architect FranklinOkoli, even when they have their names, phone numbers and addresses.
The truth remains that arresting Citizen NnamdiKanu and hanging treason charge on his neck will not cow or intimidate us from talking. It will not stop us from asking or demanding for good and better leadership. Once there is good, responsible and responsive leadership in this Country, nobody will talk about BIAFRA, ODUDUWA OR AREWA.
President Buhari and the shameless DSS will do well if our brother Citizen Nnamdikanu is released. They should release him without further delay.
EME NWANYI KA EMERE IBE YA, OBI ADIYA NMA. If they continue to treat the Igbo as second class Citizens in their own country, then the agitation forBIAFRA will continue to gain attention. Simple.


Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
Former Senior Special Assistant on media
Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties
Imo State House of Assembly
Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
2nd December 2015
Forwarded to over 3.5 Million Email Addresses Worldwide.
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