The Orlu Political Summit may have ran into troubled waters after four groups embarked on accusations and counter accusations on who has the right to host the summit.

This has led to the intervention of social crusader and a leader in Orlu zone, Mr. Ikenna Samuelson who has sued for peace.

According to him, several groups for one reason or the other had lashed out at each other questioning the rationale for staging the summit.

Orlu zone is one of the three geo political zones in Imo State.

Samuelson”s statement reads:

My attention has been drawn to the bickering, accusations and counter accusations over the forthcoming Orlu Political summit on the 12th of August 2017, at Nkwerre Country Club, Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State.

As an illustrious son of Orlu zone who has contributed in no smallmeasure to the socio-political liberation of the zone, I took the decision to wade into the “lingering crisis” over the propriety or otherwise of who has the right to host the Orlu Political Summit.

Let me at this point open the minds of the reading public. Few weeks ago, a known Political Operative in Orlu Zone, Nze Elvis Jude Agukwe made known his intention (along with members of his group) to organize what he called Orlu Political summit. Naturally, some political leaders in Orlu zone raised eyebrows on the intentions and objectives of the summit. According to the information I gathered, most of the leaders sought clarification from the Elvis Agukwe led
group. While some of the leaders were satisfied with explanations given them, others did not buy the explanations offered them.

Leading the pack of leaders and groups that did not buy the explanation of Nze Elvis Agukwe is the faction of a socio-cultural Organization called Orluzurume Peoples Assembly (OPA) led by my elder brother, Chief Engr. Chimee Nzeribe. For the records, Orluzurumee Peoples Assembly is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political or
partisan Organization. Conversely, if it is a non-political organization, why then is a faction of the respected group kicking against a political summit that is likely to chart a clear Political Module or Road Map for the zone as 2019 draw closer? Orluzurume Peoples’ Assembly has four factions led by the following people; Chief Emeka Diwe’s faction, Chief Macdonald Akano’s faction, Chief Chimee Nzeribe’s faction and Chief Steve Agbarakwe’s faction. Why then is the Chief Chimee Nzeribe’s faction kicking against the summit?

Nevertheless, this piece is not out to attack any personality but to appeal to all Orlu Sons and Daughters to see this forthcoming summit as an opportunity to come together under one page to discuss our affairs, our gains, our losses, and the way forward. This should not be the time for accusations and counter accusations. This should be
the time to demonstrate and indeed show Unity of Purpose and Unity in Strength by our leaders. Furthermore, the argument that the headquarters of Orluzurume Peoples’ Assembly is in Orlu town and not in Nkwerre where the summit would take place, sounds pedestrian and infantile. In the first place, Orluzurume People’s Assembly is not the
one Organizing and facilitating the summit, so it cannot (with due respect) dictate where the summit should hold. Also, I am not sure that Orluzurume, either as a faction or as a whole group has ever organized a summit to discuss the way forward for Orlu zone. Like I stated earlier, this is not the time to throw stones on anybody or
group. I hold everyone in high esteem, and will therefore call on all and sundry to embrace the subject matter of the summit entitled “ORLU FIRST”. Once we are able to glue together the interests of Orlu zone and put them into proper perspective for easy cultivation and harvesting, we can then extend our hands of fellowship to our brothers
and sisters in Owerri and Orlu zones of the state.

There is nothing wrong if we as Orlu leaders put our house in order before inviting or rather joining our brothers and sisters from Owerri and Okigwe zones to discuss the political future of Imo State.

At this point, let me conclude that the proposed Orlu Political summit is just a Platform for all stakeholders devoid of political persuasion including the Youths, Women, Clergy, traditional rulers, Activists, traders, etc in our zone to come together and discuss in an open and neutral environment or atmosphere, the political fate of Orlu zone.
This is our democratic right, and there is no special preference for a particular political party or individual. OKWU ORLU, ANYI GA EKWU YA

Then after this, we will discuss about Imo with our brothers and
sisters from the other two zones of the state.


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