“It is with utmost humility and a great sense of responsibility that I address all of you this morning.

“Anambra State has a plethora of professionals excelling in really all fields of human endeavor, scattered all around Nigeria and all over the globe, helping to build and strengthen other economies. Ask them to come home, and they would justifiably tell you that the land here is not conducive for them; ask them then, to come home and help make that land conducive, in terms of participating in leadership, and one look at perhaps just the conducts of the primaries, and the rhetoric of abuse, stone hurling on print and social media and you would have no one left in the room to give you an answer!

“Well, that trajectory has to change. The Augean stables need to be cleaned out. Simply put, I believe that it is time that the cream of the crop, who maybe some would say have nothing to lose, but who have a lot to offer, step out of their comfort zones, step up to the plate and put hearts, minds and intellects together, God being our helper, to build an Anambra State that we can all be proud of. An Anambra State that our children and our children’s children would be proud not just to call home, but to settle in and thrive in. This after all, is the state that produced the first President of Nigeria, the first Vice President, the first Senate President and many other firsts in academia and other spheres, including the first indigenous owned Auto Industry in Nigeria located in Nnewi (Ndi Dim).

“Our candidate, Mr. Oseloka Obaze, is a gentleman. No one can deny, that this is a man of integrity and a man with a vision. He has stepped up to the plate and I have stepped up to the plate right along with him. This, to us, is all about sacrifice, service and giving back. Our promise to Ndi Anambra is that we will selflessly give this all that we have got and more, the Lord being on our side. Let us all together join hands to get our state to truly live up to its full potentials and take its place as the Light of the Nation.

“Now I charge all our party members, our women in particular, let us pick up the gauntlet and get out to the field, the nooks and crannies of our 21 LGAs, to win the trust of Ndi Anambra that this PDP ticket of Obaze/Onyemelukwe indeed presents a better alternative to take our state to the Promised Land.
Thank You.


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