Former Member House of Representatives, Hon. Uche Onyegaocha has picked holes in the visit of South Africa President, Jacob Zuma to Owerri, Imo State.

In a statement, Onyeagocha, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC said President Zuma came to Owerri “ironically on the same day the South African Supreme Court had earlier ordered the reinstatement of the corruption charges of money laundering and diversion of contracts against him”

The statement partly reads

“President Jacob Zuma has definitely found an ally in Governor Ethelbert Okorocha. Two very corrupt and unpopular rulers from Africa.

“Imo indigenes know that the visit of Jacob Zuma is of no political, economic or social benefits to Imo people.
The visit further adds to the rape of the economy of Imo State with Imo Governor, Ethelbert Okorocha having flown uncountable shuttles in his private jets to South Africa.
“We know that this visit by Jacob Zuma is another devious round of money laundering by Ethelbert Okorocha taking advantage of the diplomatic baggage of an equally corrupt Jacob.

“We call on Jacob Zuma to go home and face the corruption charges awaiting him as we have already asked Ethelbert Okorocha to start making his prison uniform.

“No crime against any enlightened and conscious people will go unpunished” he said



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