A pressure group, in Oguta LGA of Imo State know as Oguta Constituency Voters Assembly (OCVA) with the mandate to ensuring effective representation and good governance has resolved to effect the recall of Hon. Henry Ezediaro, the member representing Oguta State Constituency in the Imo House of Assembly for lack of effective representation and insensitivity on the side of Oguta people he is representing.

Speaking to some newsmen after their enlarged meeting recently, the leader of the group and a community leader in Oguta, Prince Okey Akpatoyi Opiah, revealed that Hon. Henry Ezediaro has failed Oguta LGA people since he was given the mandate to represent them. He opined that his sins include lack of effective representation, insensitivity to the plight of Oguta people, causing of series of confusion in Oguta, lack of dividend of democracy to Oguta LGA people, lack of constituency office in Oguta where people he is representing can lodge their grievances etc.

He further revealed that his group has written the speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, the principal officers of the House of Assembly and Hon. Ezediaro on their move to recall him. He posited that if the grace period expires without any meaningful resolution of the matter, they are going to write the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) formally, to kick – start the process of recall. After that, they will embark on massive demonstration to attract the attention of Imolites and entire Oguta LGA People on the matter. According to Prince Opiah, about 80% of voters in Oguta State constituency are ready for this exercise of recall of Hon. Ezediaro and that they are not kidding on it.

Speaking also, Dr. Chief C.I. Nwadeyi, the Chairman Chief in Council Egbuoma Royal Kingdom who represented his ward, stated that they will follow religiously all constitutional provisions laid down to recall Hon. Ezediaro and gave credence to all what Prince narrated as the sins of Hon. Ezediaro since he went to the Imo State House of Assembly to represent the Oguta State Constituency. According to him, time is ticking and that it is only a tree that will be told of its cutting and it remains adamant.
Adding his voice also, the Oru Ward representative Mr. Emeka Ohanedu, posited that they are fighting a just curse that will enshrine good governance in Oguta State Constituency and that over 80% has queued into the process of recall.
Mr. Austine Alozie of Uwaorie Ward Oguta LGA stated that Hon. Ezediaro has failed Oguta state Constituency as their representative because he lacked the qualities to be there.
According to him, with all the Chairmanship positions which Hon. Ezediaro is holding in Imo House of Assembly, he is not using it to better the life of the Oguta LGA people he is representing, hence his call for a recall.
Mr. Oluwuike Peter C. from Mgbala Uba Ward in his contribution stated that Hon. Ezediaro’s recall is overdue because of lack of effective representation and high handedness.

One remarkable thing was that the representative and leaders of all the Eleven Wards in Oguta LGA of Imo State attended the meeting and spoke in one voice that is recalling Hon. Henry Ezediaro from the House of Assembly.

According to them, the recall of Hon. Ezediaro is sacrosanct and apt now and that it is being handled tenaciously and with lots of zeal.


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