The Owerri Awareness Coalition,OCA have advised the people of Imo State to shun political parties and rather vote for public office seekers with proven record of integrity in the 2019 general elections.

The OCA in a communique after it’s extraordinary meeting in Owerri signed by its President, Emmanuel Okwu and Secretary, John Uwandu, said the Imo electorate should focus on individuals who have a defined and clear manifesto to hold leadership positions and not place so much attention on political parties.

“Political parties only serve as vehicles that convey such public office seekers to power. We have observed that some of those who used the platform of political parties to get to public office in Imo State easily discard the manifesto of such parties. Most of our elected leaders do not even know what their party manifesto is all about” the group said

The group said such emphasis on public office seekers will only provide the electorate with the opportunity to know the leadership  qualities of such public seekers to enable them to make informed choices during elections.

“In the last 16 years, we have noticed a deficiency in the depth of leadership bequeathed to the State which has led to a nose dive in the manner of governance we have seen. This should stop. This is so because most of those who got elected for various offices rode on the power of political parties which have no clear defined approach to governance” the coalition stated.

“2019 offer a unique period  for us Imolites to make informed choices. We need to elevate the level leadership in the State and this is why we have to focus on the capacity of those aspiring for public office in the land” the group stated.

It  continued “We have seen that most political parties lack ideology and clear programmes. This is why the manner of governance dispensed by public office holders is short of expectation”



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