Ikenna Samuelson

My attention has been drawn to the publication in most Print Media, Electronic Media and Social Media platforms, to the effect that President Mohammadu Buhari would storm Anambra State to campaign for the Governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress Party (APC), Hon. Dr. Tony Nwoye, during the Grand Finale campaign rally, of the gubernatorial election scheduled for the 18th of November 2017.When I read the news report, my first reactions were; who is misleading Buhari? Is Buhari Blind? Is he deaf? Can’t Buhari see clearly the handwriting on the wall?

Let me be clear here: President Buhari as the National Leader of APC has the right to campaign for his party’s governorship candidate in Anambra State. He has the right to market his party’s gubernatorial product. Infact, it is his responsibility to showcase the APC and Tony Nwoye in Anambra State. But most regrettably and unfortunately for Buhari, his atrocities to the people of Anambra State in particular and South East in general, will surely count against his coming to the State to campaign for Hon. Tony Nwoye. If truth should be told, President Buhari is the last and perhaps worst person to contemplate coming to campaign for anybody in the entire South East region of
Nigeria and hopes to achieve positive result. I will come to this shortly.

As a well known socio-political crusader in Nigeria, I have the right to ventilate my views on the socio-political and economic happenings within my environment. I also have the right to belong or support any political party of my choice; and where necessary condemn the leadership of the same party when it appear it has goofed and
For obvious reasons, I am in support of the APC led government in my state (Imo), but completely up in arms with the APC led Federal Government of President Mohammadu Buhari when I clearly saw the anti-South East policies of his leadership. Till tomorrow, Buhari has vehemently refused to make amends. His legendary perceived hatred for
NDI – Anambra, Ndigbo and indeed the entire South East is such that while still marginalizing the zone in most aspects of his leadership, he claims that his government of iniquity is not marginalizing the zone.

As earlier stated, President Buhari has done so many terrible, unimaginable and unforgiveable atrocities to Anambra State, Ndigbo and South East.

Let me therefore open the eyes and minds of the reading public, ones again so that they would know that Buhari ought to be really ashamed of himself for reportedly ever dreaming, thinking and saying that he would storm Anambra State (Igboland) to campaign for votes for his party’s governorship candidate: after treating us most unfairly, most unfriendly and most ruthlessly and heartlessly in his “nepotic” and clannish style of leadership in this country.

(1) There is nobody from Anambra State and indeed from the South East
that is heading any of the security agencies in this country……>
Police, Army, Navy, Air force, Civil Defence, DSS etc.
(2) Nobody from Anambra State and indeed South East was named in
Buhari’s first 40 political appointments.
(3) President Buhari’s open hatred for Ndigbo was shown few weeks
after his inauguration as President when he cancelled and revoked the
contract for the construction of the second River Niger Bridge located
in Onitsha, Anambra State.
(4) President Buhari approved the construction of Railway lines to be
located in the five zones of the country (South-South, South West,
North- central, North-East and North-West), with none located in
Anambra State or any part of South East.
(5) President Buhari allegedly through the Department of State
Security (DSS) arrested, humiliated and detained a Great Anambra Son,
Dr, Ifeanyi Ubah for no tangible reason. He was detained for almost
two months.
(6) President Buhari allegedly through the Nigeria Customs Service
headed by his Hausa/Fulani brother, has been making things difficult
for Anambra State and indeed South East businessmen and importers
(7) It is under the present leadership of President Buhari that
Police, Army, Navy, Customs, Civil Defence check points in Anambra
State and indeed across the entire South East have become a culture of
corruption and extortion. These security agencies mount road blocks in
the South East, contrary to the policies of the Federal government.
(8) President Buhari ordered the army to embark on Operation Python
Dance in the South East, wherein many Igbo citizens were brutally
tortured, maimed and killed in Umuahia and Aba in Abia State. Some of
the people who were killed were Anambra State indigenes living in Abia
(9) The last time Buhari came to Anambra state, South East and indeed
Igboland was when he came to ask for our votes. He campaigned
vigorously begging for votes. That was in early 2015. Of course, he
got some votes, and won his Presidential election and was inaugurated
on the 29th of May 2015. Since then he “hatredly” turned his back on
Ndigbo and has refused to visit us; either to tell us “thank you” by
commissioning at least one project, or by attracting a project to the
zone. Buhari has refused to visit the entire South East, after more
than two and half years in Power. He is now coming back to ask for
more votes. This to most Ndi-Anambra, Ndigbo and people of South East,
is an aggravated insult.
(10) Perhaps, the ONLY visible achievement of President Buhari in
South East since 2015 was when he sent hordes of the most hardened
Boko-Haram terrorists to Anambra State to stay. He transferred them
from Northern Prison yards to Ekwulobia prison in Anambra State. It
took endless protests all over the South East until Buhari was
compelled to take away the terrorist Boko-Haram Killers in our midst.
(11) President Buhari, who is also the life Patron of another
terrorist organization, the Fulani Herdsmen, kept quiet as the well
armed herders were reportedly unleashed on the people of South East
visa-avis killing our men, raping our women, destroying our farmlands,
sacking our communities and destroying our houses. In all these open
atrocities in the South East by the Fulani Herdsmen; President Buhari
looked the other way, as if nothing happened.
(12) When President Buhari first came to Power via a Military Coup in
December 1983, he immediately sent an Anambra Son who was the then
Vice President (Dr. Alex Ekwueme) to Kirikiri Maximum prison while the
then President (Alhaji Shehu Shagari) was kept in a secured guest
(13) An Igbo son from Anambra State (Olisa Metuh) who was the National
Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was
arrested, tortured, humiliated, detained and remanded in Prison
custody for using funds approved for him and his party. Metuh who
became “Methuselah” in Prison appeared in courts in handcuffs
severally, but Buhari’s Hausa-Fulani brothers who also did what Metuh
was accused of, were never humiliated and handcuffed.
(14) It is during this present leadership in the country led by
President Buhari that young and promising military officers from
Anambra State and South East were retired for no cogent reason.
(15) President Buhari has ensured that the South East zone that is an
Oil Producing region in this country, is not represented in the board
of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).
(16) It is during this present leadership of President Buhari that the
investments of Anambra State and South East indigenes in the Northern
part of the Nigeria are under serious threat.
(17) And so on and so forth.

Agam Ekwu Ole, Hara Ole? It is very obvious that President Buhari takes and sees us as second class citizens in a country we have contributed more for its unity. O yes, President Buhari sees Ndi-Anambra and the rest of South East as fools; hence he can dream, think and indeed contemplate coming to us to ask for our votes, after maltreating us and denying us proper integration in this country. It is only in Nigeria that an Igboman who is a PHD holder, former University Vice Chancellor, a Professor of International repute, former Director General of a Campaign 0rganization, former Secretary to a State Government etc, would be made a Junior Minister of Education while a mere Newspaper columnist and who does not even write well, is substantive Minister of Education.

Honestly, Buhari thinks Ndi Anambra and the people of South East are fools. But we are no fools. If he is still in doubt, he should ask his Army (Military) their experience when they embarked on a so called ‘’Medical Vaccination Outreach’’ in the South East, which they callously initiated after torturing, maiming and murdering our people in a most humiliating manner, under the Operation Python Dance platform. Ndi-Anambra and indeed the people of South East refused to cooperate with the Army in their useless and hopeless medical vaccination outreach. We did not allow them to vaccinate our children.
We withdrew our children from schools for two days, to prevent them from being “POISONED” through a so called vaccination outreach which we do not trust its motive.

Yes, we no longer trust Buhari and whatever he represents. He first showed us Hatred and wickedness. He openly told us through his HATE ACTIONS, HATE SPEECHES AND HATE LEADERSHIP that he does not love us.
He wants to force us to embrace him once again. Who will embrace a Python? The first time we embraced Buhari, we named him Okechukwu. But Buhari abused and desecrated that name. Now, he wants to come to South East again through Anambra State, perhaps to cajole us to give him another name. No way. It will not happen again. We know who Buhari is. He is Mohammadu, a man with absolute hatred for the South East. A man that has shown no love to the people of Anambra State and Southeast

After abandoning the South East for over two and half years, after abandoning Anambra State for over two and half years; Buhari wants to come back to his vomit. This is unacceptable. Let me therefore call on Hon. Tony Nwoye, the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC in Anambra State to face his campaigns and ensure Buhari does not Spoil things for him. I say this because if Tony Nwoye would get 100,000 votes from the Anambra electorates, the presence of President Buhari in Anambra State to campaign for him would infuriate voters and he would end up getting less than 1000 votes only, in the 18th November 2017 election. The name Buhari is a very bad political product not only in Anambra State but also in the entire South East. I
stand to be challenged.

As 2019 draws closer, APC governorship aspirants and would-be candidates in the South East are hereby cautioned on their association with President Mohammadu Buhari. These aspirants and would-be candidates should campaign only on their own merit, credibility and integrity, if they ever hope to win their elections. Apart from that,
I do not see the APC going far in the Presidential Election in the South East. Unless the Buhari led government hopes to use the army to intimidate the region, perhaps with a code name …… “Operation APC

A word is enough for the wise.

I rest my pen.


Hon. Citizen Dr. Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI, MKDA.
Former Senior Special Assistant on Media
Former Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties
Imo State House of Assembly
Owerri Imo State Nigeria
16th October, 2017.


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