There have been mixed reactions on the visit of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa to Imo State.

Zuma is on a two day visit to Owerri, Imo State, South East Nigeria. He was confered a traditional chieftaincy title and a statue of his unveiled in Owerri city. This has  triggered fierce reactions from Imolites who took to the social media to express their feelings on the visit.

The visit of President Zuma, according to Imo State government is  for signing of an MoU with Rochas Foundation with the Zuma Foundation. Below are some of the reactions from Imo indigenes on facebook.

Aic Akwarandu “The statue of corruption unveiled in Imo”





Obinna Akwudike “A national disgrace is when we honour and imortalize those who look the other way while our brothers and sisters are killed in their country…
Nde eriri eri are those who will admire and praise the national disgrace forgetting their brothers and sisters might become the next victims of xenophobia…
Billions spend on meaningless statues while pensioners are owed months…
Billions of state funds expended on a private visit that has no positive only negative impact on the people…
We have become a people to be mocked by those around us…
Lekwe nde iberibe…
A question was asked in Chatham “Ima onye mu bu?” I think the answer was best fitting for that question. Jukwa Somtochukwu…
In order news, the award recipient awaits corruption trial back home so in order words, we just gave award to a potential thief…
Is it an award for good thieving or good looting…?
If the corruption charges eventually sticks what will the plaque on the statue read? “Here stands an award-winning thief”…
Who is fooling who…?


Sunny Ndukwu ” Somebody who is Facing 783 Count charges in SA, is been Awarded a Special Merit Award in Imo! Congratulations, President Jacob Zuma as you receive Imo Merit Award”




Justin Fortune Other governors will invite presidents to commission their completed projects my governor, your MCM, invites them to unveil their statue and take chieftaincy titles with fanfare.

He started with Okechukwu Buhari now Okwudiri Zuma



Ifeanyi Maduako “President Jacob Zuma Of South Africa,whose country’s Supreme Court Justices recently alleged to have committed about 789 corruption cases,is at the moment garlanded and honoured in Imo State as a man of impeccable character and one of Africa’s greatest role models.Even if the quantum of allegation against him is outrageous,is it possible that he could extricate himself from a total of 789 cases,one by one?If he could be this troubled as a sitting president,what fate befalls him when he’s out of power in few years time?On what basis are Imo traditional rulers falling over themselves to confer chieftaincy titles on him?


Micah Kachy Madukaego “Okorocha honours president Jacob Zuma of South Africa as the Grand Chancellor of imo state GCIS.
As he signed memorandum to protect lives and property of African despite race, region or tribe.




Francis Udoka Ndomokohia “Corrupt Nigerians launder our funds abroad and invest there. A patriotic Nigerian should applaud Rochas Okorocha for luring Uncle Zuma into investing in Imo State, Nigeria.





Onwusoanya FCC Jones “ Governor Rochas Okorocha is undoubtedly, the most sought after Nigerian leader in recent history. He has disposed himself so well both as a private individual running his private businesses and funding his signature Rochas Foundation, through which he provided assistance to millions of indigent people and helped thousands of children of the poor access quality education at no cost. Owelle Rochas Okorocha as he is more popularly known came from a very poor background and his rise to wealth and prominence is incontrovertibly ascribed to his diligence, honesty, hardworking nature and most importantly, God’s grace.

For the South African President, Jacob Mtholozi Zuma, rendering assistance to the poor and oppressed is second nature to him. The son of a police officer, who died when he was quite young, and left to the care of his mother who was a poor domestic worker, Zuma could not access any formal education. He became active in local politics from a very young age and grew through the ranks to hold several positions in the now ruling ANC and the South African Communist Party which he joined and rose to the highest cadre as a Politburo after the ANC was proscribed. He headed the intelligence department of the ANC and was instrumental to setting up and sustaining several underground structures of the ANC immediately after his release from a ten years imprisonment which he served in Robin Island. He assisted thousands of black South Africans who emptied into Mozambique as exiles following the Soweto uprising. He was influential in proposing and seeing through, many international accords which the ANC signed with other nations during the apartheid era.

President Zuma like Okorocha retains a burning passion for the educational development of African children and would do anything to see that every African child no matter his or her background goes to school.

He is also passionate about Africa’s economic decolonization and this is another area where he shares a common passion with Governor Rochas Okorocha. Owelle Rochas Okorocha believes that Africa should be so developed economically that it does not need to rely on aids from Western countries to survive and he understands that this is possible if African leaders can cooperate to develop the huge human and mineral resources lying fallow in all African countries. This visit by President Zuma will afford the two African leaders an opportunity to sign new deals on agricultural, educational and economic cooperations.

Yes, both leaders are controversial. The BBC had described Jacob Zuma as the most colourful leader to rule South Africa since the end of apartheid and Okorocha may be rightfully described as the most inspirational leader to have come out of Nigeria since after the first Republic that had the likes of Aminu Kano, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo and others. Nigeria has not had a more inspirational, sincere but also controversial leader than Okorocha since after the civil war. These great African statesmen are controversial because they are effective in their jobs. In Africa, we understand that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits get the most stones.



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