The list of Commissioner nominees released by Governor Rochas Okorocha last week has sent clear signals that the Governor may have chosen those loyal to his plans in installing his successor in 2019.

Loyalty to the party- APC- seems to be a secondary consideration in selecting the nominees by the Governor.

A look at the list also reveal that Okorocha’s body language tilted towards an Uche Nwosu APC  governorship ticket. The Chief of Staff made input into the list which manifested in the apointment of Hon.Chidi Nwaturuocha as a commissioner nominee

This newspaper learnt that this has led to some sort of ripples and avalanche of complains by some members of the All Progressive Congress, APC in Imo State.

Most party members complain that most of the nominees are new entrants into the party and who are not even members of the APC.

Some of them who spoke to this newspaper on condition of anonymity said with the list,the governor did not listen to several pleas of party stakeholders to accommodate them in his Rescue mission as the 2019 elections comes close.

“Most of the nominees are not party members. Some of them are new entrants into the party. And we wonder if some of us that have stayed put in the party for years despite the fact nothing is coming forth are fools” said an aggrieved party member in Owerri North who spoke on condition of anonymity.

This newspaper observed that  only five  commissioner nominees are core members of the APC in the State.

They include Prof Nnamdi Obiareri, Hon.Obinna Mbata, Hon.Joy Mbawuike, Hon.Jones Uzoka and Hon.Tony Umeruzuruike. Others are known to be either political associates or friends of Okorocha and his Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu.

Some party members said a closer look at the list showed that the major consideration in selecting the nominees was based on the succession plan of the governor which showed he may be more inclined to an Uche Nwosu APC governorship ticket.

“Loyalty to the party in selecting the commissioner nominees was not a major factor. The key factor in the selection was loyalty to the Governor and his Chief of Staff”

“For instance, Chidi Nwaturuocha is a close friend and ally of Uche Nwosu. That fetched him the commissioner nominee slot despite the fact he is in charge of Owerri Mayorial Affairs” he said.

“Is Angela Uwakwem a politician? She is not such an active APC member. She must have been chosen on the strength of her doggedness and fighting spirit which she exhibited when she was head of the Federal Medical Centre” said Chuks Anyanwu, an APC stalwart in Owerri West.

He continued ” It is more or less a loyalty list to the Governor’s succession plan than to the party”



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