* Prof Protus Nathan Uzorma

The French literary icon, Willian Shakespeare, in his drama Macbeth,
had the Dane of Cawdor declare, “why should I play the Roman fool and
die, while I see my sword and gashes do them better?” Prudence said
the Italian angelic Doctor of the Catholic Church, Saint Thomas of
Aquinas, is a great virtue, but this virtue he postulated like the
ancient Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, rests in the middle of
pusillanimity (or cowardice) and bravery. Thus, prudence as virtuous
or authentic living rests in the middle of silence or indifference and
excessive activism.  These two witty sayings point to the fact that
there are times when man, the real man, must decisively deal with
realities of life in order to reposition situations.

It is a well talked about fact in Europe and America, that the African
continent is known for debased dispositions to apex leadership
positions, economic acquisitions, vicarious power shows and luxurious
life patterns. These not only typify some Africans who at present are
bereaved of postmodern behaviours and uncivil mind-sets, but also the
rape of possibilities for socio-economic and political growth and
advancement of such human societies and nations from attaining
laudable development

These uncivil features are shamelessly displayed by our local, states
and national leaders, elected and appointed, who not only studied in
developed countries of Europe and America, but frequently travel to
such countries and have grand business investments and properties in

Virtually, in all facets of the Nigerian socio-economic and political
life, especially political leadership, Nigerian national, state and
local leaders are of the habit of ensuring eternity in office, either
by the incumbent in se or by proxy. This has resulted to
self-substitution through in-group cabalism, which the cabals see
themselves as inevitable factors in state and national leadership, and
thus the anointing vessel of Prophet Samuel, which flows on whoever
they nominate as God’s elect for the people.

This happened in theocracies and never in democracies, and not even in nascent ones, especially in Imo State, given the degree and pedigree of the State’s elites and enlightened masses.

Ultimately, leadership imposition, caucus factors, live-leadership
(especially in elective positions), diversions of public funds and
properties, tenure elongation schemes, etc., are products of such
schemes. Living examples abound in Nigeria about the unfavourable
outcomes of such manipulations, and this is one of the reasons
advancement has eluded most states, constituencies of the federation
and nation at large.

The incumbent Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has also
embarked on such schemes of cabalism and in-group political leadership
despite the abysmal failure of his administration. His administration,
which is reckoned as the worst regime (Junta and civilian) in the
history of the State since its creation in 1976, has not only been a
grand failure and deep setback on the tracks of development, but has
also been undemocratic and a mixture of authoritarianism. Rochas
Okorocha has ruled Imo since 2011 like Benito Mussolini’s fascist
government, Mobutu Seseko’s tyrannical government, Sani Abacha’s and
Id Amin’s dictatorial government, Nguema and Bokassi’s
totalitarianism, etc.

No Imolite resident abroad or home today is not of this conviction,
that Imo is ruled by an earless Governor, a tyrant who has no regard
for the sanctity of law and juridical orders, no sensitivity is his
social neurons, no empathy for the less impoverished masses and
employees in the State, no truth and welfare-based project for the
State, fake and never fulfilled promise during electoral campaigns, a
government ruled by deceit.

Imolites are three times poorer now than they were before his coming,
especially during the unmerited second tenure. Yet, the man who has
led Imolites to great living pains and poverty, the man who has
rendered many homeless, jobless and stranded financially, is today
with volte face, luring Imolites to accept anointed candidature for
his succession as the Governor of the State for another period of
hardship. The native Igbo say that the snake never gives birth to
short creatures. A son, whose father grossly failed in leadership and
led the citizens as captives to their most dreaded enemies, has
nothing reasonable to afford the masses once redeemed, as an aspiring
leader after his father.

Every Imo citizen home and abroad, elite and commoner, party chieftain
and ordinary member, and beyond party affiliation, must rise on time
against the incessant strives of the failed Governor Okorocha to
nominate or anoint leaders for us. Let due democratic process take its
course, and let Imolites chose themselves who rules them.

This necessitates the condemnation of his nomination strives, as well
as inter and intra-party resistance against the Governor’s engineered
militant group-canvassers, who advertise and declare as vox populi for
Imolites to Rochas, to “show us the man and go to sleep.”

Certainly, and as usual, Imolites have taken such comments and strives
uncommon and as come and gone. But insidiously, the Governor, his son
in-law and other unconscientious members of his cabal, have been
working strongly to ensure that Rochas not only nominates his beloved
successor, but ensure that he becomes the Governor of Imo State at all
Such schemes as directing that candidates above 50 years should not
aspire for the Governorship seat in APC, is a scheme to get rid of
possible good candidates that may come up for the gubernatorial seat
come 2019, that is, if there is any reasonable Imolite that still has
confidence in APC, their candidates and execution of the party’s

Let us rise and resist every bit of Rochas schemes for succession come
2019, Imo is too big for one man to own totally at all times, and too
old to be cajoled into old tricks. In fact, let Okorocha show us that
man after his own heart, and prepare for the greatest war.


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