It was amazing. The crowd was intimidating. We made provision for 480 beneficiaries but we truly had an overflow, including candidates from St. Vincent De Paul Society of Owerri Catholic Archdiocese across the parishes in the Archdiocese. Men and women, boys and girls. Graduates and non graduates. Some said they are office and shop attendants, others said Senator Samdaddy’s program is attractive and real. All of them want to be part of the new order Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu is bringing.

The event was the Orientation /Briefing for beneficiaries from the nine local government areas of Owerri Zone in the 2nd phase of Distinguished Sen Samdaddy Anyanwu’s Skill Acquisition Programme held today at his Constituency Office in Owerri.

The office is indeed encouraged, and Distinguished is further buoyed to satisfy the thirst of these teeming constituents. They believe in him because they see his sincere efforts to uplift Owerri Zone. It can only be better with such interest and enthusiasm matching Senator Samdaddy’s zeal and commitment. We told them we are not sharing money, but we are sharing skills. Selected skills that will transform them to become breadwinners tomorrow. It is not politics because we have individuals from across political divides. It is not politics because others are learning from us. It is about the people. The people of Owerri Zone.

So, we are good to go. The atmosphere is charged. In different training centres, these upbeat and expectant beneficiaries will be let loose for the next three months to go and conquer in their chosen areas of skills that include, Fashion Designing, Hair Dressing and Beauty Management, Driving, CCTV /Cable TV Installation and Maintenance, Catering, Video Editing, Computer Appreciation, Production Technology, Bead and Bag Making, etc. The Training centers have been located and they are indeed good to go. God bless Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu. Our Senator, Our Pride.

*Eke Is Media Aide To Senator Anyanwu


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