When Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu dumped his ailing Progressives People Alliance(PPA) for the All Progressives Congress(APC), I did welcomed his membership with mixed feelings. As a former governor of Abia State(1999-2007) and active politician, I nurtured the notion that his foray into APC would become a catalyst towards repositioning the party for an ideal greatness. On the other hand, I smelled confusion, infighting and total disregard to decency.

Since joining the party, the former governor has been entertaining Nigerians with unguarded flippancy. His uninformed and uncultured postulations on sensitive issues have arguably constituted some forms of embarrassment to the party. You remember when he claimed to know the whereabouts of the Leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, after the military invaded his father’s house? You also remember his claims that Kanu sneaked to London through Malaysia? That is Orji Uzor Kalu for you.

Though I do not intend to malign or disparage the former governor, it is however gratifying to confine the Bende-born businessman to where he belongs without mincing words. Just a few days ago, the former governor was attributed with a statement, alluding how APC in Abia State would freely give her governorship ticket to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu should he join the party ahead of 2019 elections. This statement to my own understanding is reckless, uncultured, uniformed and unthinkable. In fact, the statement portrays Kalu as a confusionist and political scavenger. Besides unfolding his selfish but destructive agenda, the former governor merely exhibited dangerous signs capable of destabilizing Abia APC ahead of 2019.

As obvious as it may be, Kalu is desirous of relaunching himself into power and relevance in Abia using the instrumentality of the APC. The former governor has not ceased to lament for missing the treasury of Abia State which was once controlled by his family for about 8 years. The self-styled politician has not also hidden his inordinate quest to control things and possibly calls the shots again in the God’s Own State. He eagerly needs a governor that will dance in accordance to his tunes and choruses. That’s the summary Kalu’s agenda for joining APC.

Though a Leader in APC owing to his status as a former governor, Kalu is yet to identify and conform to the key ideologies that drive the party. He probably wants to reactivate that crooked political formular deployed in hijacking the PDP governorship candidate in 1998/99 when Architect Dan Nwankwo was indeed and obviously the right choice. It does, however, appears that most APC leaders both in Abia and Abuja have not read meanings into Kalu’s recklessness and deliberate confusions. They are yet to establish and categorize Kalu’s baggages of liabilities. They have also failed to reorientate Kalu into sound political behaviour and decorum. That may have accounted to the very reason the former governor roams uncontrollably in the political space oozing out unguarded and uniformed statements capable of destroying APC before 2019 elections.

While I had expected Kalu to sincerely and diligently contributes to the growing APC in Abia, the reverse though not surprising has been the case. When the news filtered in that Kalu had purchased some buses and branded them with APC colours and logo, I hurriedly concluded that the state and Bende LGA secretariats of the party would be in Kalu’s beneficiary list. But, Kalu proved me wrong as the buses were procured and branded for mere self-glorification and unbridled political razzmatazz. Rather than contributing to the building of the party, Kalu is only interested in auctioning its 2019 governorship tick. There is no gainsaying that the former governor has failed to carry himself in a manner that ought to portray him as an asset to the party.

However, it is outrightly pertinent to remind Kalu that Abia of 1998/99 is not Abia of today. He should also know that APC is not same as PDP. Those political gimmicks and rigmarole will definitely fail him. Inasmuch as the sitting governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has the constructional right to join any political party of his choice, such permutation should not be bandied and contemplated by anyone in APC. If he eventually joins, he MUST vie for the governorship ticket with other contenders. The issue of automatic ticket for a man currently fumbling in leadership and governance should not be canvassed. Dr. Ikpeazu should be allowed to re-contest for the governorship under his party, the PDP to reevaluate his popularity. The likes of Kalu should desist from projecting APC as a refuge or alternative platform for Dr. Ikpeazu as Abians have already resolved to do the needful in 2019.

Long Live Abia State!
Long Live APC!!
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Ebere Uzoukwa is a media & PR consultant


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