The appointment of 28 commissioner nominees in Imo State have been described as mere political stunt solely to drive the plan of Governor Rochas Okorocha to install his successor in 2019.

The Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC in a statement emailed to this online news medium on Tuesday, said the appointments were driven by political considerations than other purposes that will be of benefit to the State.

The IAC said the new appointments if they were really intended to ensure that each of the 27 local governments in the State is represented in the State Executive Council, such motive should have been done much earlier in the life of the Rescue Mission Government.

“The appointments look well intended but beneath the surface of such appointments lies a political motive,a cheap political stunt, a window dressing effort just to further penetrate the succession agenda of the Governor in the local governments”

“We are convinced that the move is purely political in all ramifications, a veiled display of raising an arrow head for the Governor in each of the 27 LGAs to complement many other political set ups and mushroom groups scattered all over the LGAs in the State to carry out Okorocha’s plans in the 2019 general election ”

The Group said if indeed Governor Okorocha wanted to re tool his government for better performance that will improve the impoverished life of millions of Imo people, it should have activated democratic governance at the grassroots by conducting the local government election in the State.

“It is worrisome that the 27 local governments have been dormant and remained in comatose state in Okorocha’s six years in office while giving priority for an over bloated State Executive Council constituted barely a year to the next general election”

The group said most of the appointees are mainly recycled politicians, accommplices whose only report card are their attachment to the Governor’s  Rescue Mission Group and Uche Nwosu’s Ugwumba Movement.

“These are politicians whose only record is their loyalty and attachment to the Governor. We are surprised that a government that is on its final lap of it’s Rescue mission could quickly recycle those that have helped it to further impoverish the people of Imo State”

“Governor Okorocha should have taken a break away from some political Lilliputians and hangers on around him whom he appointed  and go for those who would have  contribute to any desirable plan of his to change the sorry situation of the people of Imo State ravaged by hardship and groaning hunger before next year’s general election.


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