Home Politics Imo Politics: APGA’s Resurgence,PDP’s Slumbering And APC’s Desperation (ANALYSIS)

Imo Politics: APGA’s Resurgence,PDP’s Slumbering And APC’s Desperation (ANALYSIS)


The resurgence of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA in Imo State has put notice on the two leading political parties in the State, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the All Progressive Congress, APC that the race to Government House, Owerri is not their exclusive preserve.

APGA had a record of winning elections in the past in the State but always end up sulking over electoral robbery anchored on a defective electoral system and manipulated by the party in power.

The PDP were the hand of esau that always twisted the electoral misfortune of APGA in Imo. The rest is history.

APGA have electoral appeal not only in Imo State but across Igbo land. It’s strong allegiance and connection to the anxities and frustrations of Igbos have always made it a potent election winning platform in the region.

Little wonder Rochas Okorocha after his numerous failed attempts to be governor of Imo State on several political platforms including the PDP succeeded when he joined APGA in 2011. He later dumped the party for the governing All Progressive Congress, APC.

APGA in Imo State had been in comatose state since Okorocha’s fraternity with the APC. But its revival through the Owerri mega rally has sent signals that its no longer a rag tag political party but one ready for the scramble for power.

This is indeed more burden for the PDP and the APC in Imo State who are also relentless in their pursuit for political power in 2019. The only denominator among the trio is that the  PDP and the APC have the big names and the clout but lack the peoples attachment which APGA have.

If the votes will count in elections in Imo in 2019, then APGA looks good to smile back to Government House,Owerri on the strength of peoples power. This leaves Imo PDP in a quagmire as the party infested with crisis still unable to come to terms with the loss of power and a disconnect from federal might may be in for a rough ride that may end up on a sorry note. It must sing a new jingle-that its old ways of desperation has given way to a brand new order.

The APC in Imo, now a wrestling ground for the jackal and the hyena, have the burden to sweet tongue the people why its six years in Imo is a tale of misery and woe. It has to separate the wheat from the chaff and  convince Imo people that it made a mistake in its first political journey to power in the state.

APGA’s message of hope may just make the difference but it has to stop weeping and hoping on the powerof a marooned Imo people but show some resolve to stand as an umbrella for a new order.





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