Rumours of impeachment against the Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Rt Hon.Acho Ihim has been attributed to the handiwork of  enemies bent on perpetrating weekly phantom impeachment wish for the Speaker.

In a statement by the Speaker’s Chief Press Secretary,Marcel Ekwezuo, he made reference to the activities of one Ifeanyi Onyenankeya and ” his likes who peddle baseless rumour, hunchback, mudslinging and try to entrench quackery in the noble Journalism profession!”

He expressed regret that the rumour concerning the Speaker’s impeachment is now the modern trend in armchair journalism in Imo State


He expressed concern that “Some Journalists who are too lazy or who cannot afford to embark on the tasking demands of the age long societal cherished investigative journalism now resort to unconventional story telling that does not pass a single news quality test”


He described the the latest rumour as mendacious and has no basis whatsoever.

He stated  that”Rt. Hon (Dr.) Acho Ihim as everybody knows is an excellent team player. His Honourable members colleagues love him and he loves them with an unfeigned passion. He has never contemplated, never done and cannot trade the Honourable members off.

“There is no impeachment plans of any sort in IMHA as being rumoured by Ifeanyi Onyenankeya and his likes” he stated



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