The January 18, 2018 date for the election of a new Eze Imo( Chairman, Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers) is generating some uproar as it has divided the monarchs in the Council

Available reports reaching this newspaper indicate that the procedure for the election is not going down well with the traditional rulers. Also, majority of the monarchs are not happy with grand moves by the State government to ensure that the incumbent chairman, Eze Sam Ohiri is retained.

The election of one delegate per local government is also seen as a move to get Ohiri back on the chairmanship seat. This is against the initial plan to have three delegates per LGA.  The reversal of the number of delegates has been very contentious.  This was said not to have gone done well with some of the monarchs who see it as part of the ploy to reinstate Eze Ohiri.

For since six years, Eze Sam Ohiri has been on the saddle as Chairman, Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers.


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