The Imo State Government has fired salvos at the organizers of Occupy Imo rally describing them as”morally debased and politically displaced politicians”

In a statement signed by Nnamdi Obiareri, Commissioner of Information, he said a set of intergtity challenged activists, who, working in concert with a few politically displaced opposition politicians want to disrupt the peace and tranquility Imo is noted for”

Obiareri’s reaction is coming 24 hours after the Police dispersed anti State government rally in Owerri.

The Commissioner’s  statement reads:

“Government is aware of and recognises the right of the citizen to embark on peaceful protests and hold government accountable.

“That is why the Rescue Mission Government built the Freedom Square in Owerri, the renewed State Capital, and dedicated it as a public place for any aggrieved person or persons to stay and ventilate against any person or authority in the State without sanction or liability attaching thereto.

“It is public notice that Imo State remains a peaceful and tranquil state with zero record of political intolerance and intimidation of opposition elements.

“Unfortunately, this peaceful disposition of Imo State Government is being abused by a few disgruntled individuals who are hell bent on having it their own way contrary to the demands of democracy that it is the place of majority to have their way while the minority will have their say.

“Ndi Imo and Members of the public are advised to continue to ignore these irritants and their recent sham campaign of “Occupy Imo”.

“Imo people are happy with their people oriented Government and will continue to shun the antics of these morally debased and politically displaced politicians as they lack the moral fibre and fabric to provide positive leadership.

“Imo State Government will not be distracted in its avowed commitment to make life better for Ndi Imo. No matter the irritation, Imo State Government will not shy away from it core mandate of making the security and welfare of the people its primary responsibility” the statement concluded


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