The Imo State Commissioner of Information, Prof Nnamdi Obiareri has said at no time was it the intention of the State government to rename Assumpta Avenue.

In a statement yesterday, the Commissioner said “the highly respected body of Roman Catholic Faithfuls in Imo State and beyond that OKPORO UZO ASSUMPTA or ASSUMPTA AVENUE Owerri stays”

“At all material times, it was never the intention of the Imo State Government to rename the said strategic road which spans from ASSUMPTA CATHEDRAL (beginning from the HOLY FAMILY statue built by the Rescue Mission Government) and terminating at Warehouse House Roundabout Owerri” part of the statement stated

He said the Assumpta road avenue “is symbolic for both religious and historic reasons in Imo State and these facts are not lost on the Government and people of Imo State”

He expressed the state government regret over “all inconveniences occasioned by the initial oversight or error of wrongly installing a street sign suggesting a renaming of the street is highly regretted”


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