Noticeable long queues were observed at filing stations in Owerri as prices of feul rose above N200 naria a litre.

For two days running, the queues have refused to disappear. Mr. Paul Chukuwu, a resident in Owerri who spoke to our reporter said he has been in the queue at a filling station (names withheld) for several hours to get fuel.

” They keep us in the queue for a long time. The price is exorbitant. I have to wait this long because they are selling at a normal price and rate” he said.

Fewer cars now ply the roads of Owerri at night ostensibly because of the queue.

Mr. Reginald Amadi, a resident in Owerri said ” After 7am, I go home because i have to conserve fuel for the next day. This is a regular thing whenever the Christmas period is around”


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