For Ndubuisi Emenike, Founder Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation, philanthropy has become an act.  This he has demonstrated through his various philanthropic activities.

On Christmas eve, December 24, 2017,  his residence became a beehive of activities as Emenike embarked on another act of philanthropy.

A mammoth crowd gathered  to share the bounty of  philanthropy which has become the landmark of Engr. Emenike. The philanthropist doled out several  bags of rice, cartoons of assorted beverages, tomatoes and other gift items to hundreds of indigent people mainly women and their children.

The unscheduled event even attracted people from the neighbouring communities who heard about the act and “invaded” his house for their own share of the gift. The security personnel at his gate had a hectic time controlling the surging crowd.   Engr Ndubuisi  himself also had a herculean task  struggling to maintain peace among the beneficiaries with assurance to provide for all.

Those who did not understand what the whole event was all about including the author of this piece was taken aback by loads of gift items to be shared. It was massive as many gift items were heaped to be shared.

When Emenike was asked  if the event is a scheduled empowerment program, he simply smiled and replied  “These are my people, I am giving them food, it is not about empowerment program’.

The women and some of the beneficiaries who rained profuse thanks to Engr Emenike for his kind gesture confessed they had lost all hope of having a blissful Christmas due to lack of food for them and their families. They prayed for God’s blessings on Emenike and his foundation for showing them love and milk of human kindness.


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