The social media has been abuzz with notifications of a branded “taximo” used to rob unsuspecting members of the public in Owerri, Imo State capital.

“Taximo” is the official taxi cab inscribed with yellow and black stripes introduced by the state government after it banned Keke operations in the state. The suspected cab according to several posts by concerned Imolites on the social media has  a “Chelsea” flag in front of the taxi..

No one has reported of being robbed with such a cab though crime seem to be gradually creeping into the city as the yuletide draws near.

It was observed that most Banks now shut down their ATMs by 8pm.  At a one of the new generation banks in Owerri, some customers were politely told to return the next day to collect their money ostensibly to avoid their monies being snatched from them by hoodlums.


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