In the face of non payment of December salaries to workers in the Imo State civil service, there is  also widespread complain by majority of Owerri residents who lament over the high cost of feul in the city.

Though long queues are gradually reducing, most filling stations in Owerri  continued to sell a litre of feul for N200 to N220 per litre.

This has continued to attract widespread condemnation as transport fares within the city sky rocketed between N100 and N150 naria.

However, the scramble for taxi cabs and buses by commuters have reduced unlike during days to Christmas were passengers not only scrambled for buses and cabs available.

The newspaper was however hinted by a source in the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC in the State that soon Labour will intervene on the matter.

The Imo State government in line with its urban renewal programme had banned the operations of Keke riders on December 1 in Owerri and replaced them with taxi cabs.

This led to dislocation in the transport system in the city as more cabs and buses released have nor really cushioned the effect of the ban.

However, some top government officials expressed hope that soon the stress and hardship witnesses by the people will abate when more cabs are introduced.


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