The man, Senator Ifeanyichukwu Godwin Araraume, by nature looks simple, humble and very much unassuming. But he is also bold courageous, fearless and properly focused and has the dogged zeal and determination to pursue issues of his vested interest to a conclusive end, no matter whoever is involved. He is a man of a lion heart.

His journey to the government House seat started in 2007, when he first contested for the position, under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He neatly came first in the governorship primaries. But he was denied the opportunity, to stand for the governorship election proper, under the platform of the PDP, with the flimsy excuse or reason, that a run-off primary election was not conducted. Yet Engr. Charles Ugwu, who did not even see the light of the day in the primaries, was drafted to stand for the PDP. When he was disqualified, Chief Martin Agbaso of APGA came on board, and finally Governor Ikedi Okakim of PPA.

This notwithstanding, and as if this was not enough, the PDP authorities that be, led by president Olusegun Obasanjo and Ahmadu Ali, the National Chairman and their team publicly announced at the DAN ANYIAM STADIUM OWERRI, that PDP has no governorship candidate for 2007 in Imo State and our Imo State brothers cheered the Ota man and his gang against their own brother. (What a self inflicted pain) which has stood as an albatross against the Imo state PDP and Imo as a state in terms of Good governance in the last 10 years and counting.

This became the greatest joke of that year, for a political party in power, not to have a candidate in such an all important election. Who is deceived who biko? A very big shame to president Obasanjo. This was his evil finger at work in Imo State politics which has stood against those who supported him in that gross injustice till date.

They went further to paint senator Araraume in black and white, all in the efforts to destroy and kill his political career, among his people. The rumors and fabricated propaganda machineries, were so much that senator Araraume, ordinarily could have given up that contest, if not for his boldness and courageousness. Nevertheless, he stood for the election and could have nearly won, if not also for the power and authorities unleashed by the Ota Chief Priest.

I commend and appreciate senator Araraume very highly because, the blood of a true Igbo man runs in his veins. He does not easily give up a just fight.
There was a time, senator Araraume’s name was smelling and stinking, as a result of Obasanjo’s designed and packaged false rumors against Araraume as if he was/is in any way better than Araraume in morals and integrity.

But today, the story has changed. Senator Araraume is now the beloved darling of Imo people. The divine finger of God has re-written, his history from story to glory, because of his innocency. God in his infinite mercies and goodwill has allowed nature and time, to vindicate senator Araraume, from all those malicious rumors and propaganda, aimed at tarnishing his good age long built image and reputations.

The God, we serve is the only better judge. Today the story has changed, and the people of Imo State are solidly behind Senator Araraume for obvious reasons. This association of unity and accord, between him and the people of Imo State, remains unbreakable, because the purpose is to liberate and set Imo people free, from the wicked and cruel hands of dictatorship, bondage slavery, and unnecessary encroachment and tampering, on the trust and faith, the people have in their religious belief System.

Senator Ifeanyi Araraume has a forgiven spirit. He has long ago reconciled with all those that fought him head. Long, when his name was dragged to the mud he has made peace with Governor Achike Uzoma Udenna, who Obasanjo used to fight him to a tight corner without any justifiable reasons.

Senator Ararume is a man of equity and social Justice. He is bold, fearless, courageous and has a lion heart. He is an ebullient fighter. He saved Nigeria from the unwanted selfish tenure elongation policy of president Olusagun Obasanjo, that could have led to his life time presidency. This exercise was to Mar, our nascent democratic Principles and thereby ushering in anarchy and dictatorship in our body polity.

Senator Araraume has became a “Game Changer” He has done what Napoleon could not do, by stopping Obasanjo from achieving his evil intentions Nigerians ought to appreciate Araraume for his vision and ability to rock Obasanjo’s boat.

And this was the crux of the matter, and the bone of contention between him and Obasanjo. I will also use this opportunity to commend and appreciate, the late distinguished senator Uche Chukwumerije, who also led the campaign against Obasanjo to the North, in order to educate and enlighten, the Northern Governors on the dangers of Obasanjo’s lofty ambitions.

The Late senator Uche Chukwumerije left the PDP to PPA, because he knew and also forsaw that Obasanjo, who has no forgiven spirit will fight him back as he did to Arararme. These are true Igbo sons that are worthy of emulation. We need to see and have more of their likes in both the state and National Assemblies, so as to ensure that there is the exercise of balance of power, among the nations in the federated Nigerian republic.

For now senator Araraume is the only recognized and acknowledged politician that is competent, effective, efficient and capable of wrestling out political power from the unrepentant Governor Rochas Okorocha, all jokes and bias put apart. Governor Okorocha assumes, that he has successfully dwarfed and swallowed every other politician except Senator Araraume, who remains a great giant before him and very much insurmountable.

Our total support for Araraume cuts across political party inclinations. We share his political philosophy and ideology, his vision for Imo State, cherish his integrity and aptitude to life, and his unbroken love and Cordial relationship with the people of Imo State.
Our support for Araraume is to Salvage Imo people from bondage and slavery, which Governor Okorocha has plunged them into .We are not looking at the political party (APC), which Rochas has completely destroyed and killed, as he did to APGA, as a result of his negative life style and bad governance, or are we looking at the politics of Zoning, which he has also disregarded and thrown over board.

For now Owerri Zone is the worst cheated, but she cannot do it all alone. There must be an (X-Y) Axis alliance, between Owerri and Okigwe Zones led by senator Araraume and solidly and massively supported by like minds from Orlu Zone, for an easy takeover of political power from Governor Okorocha. With this road map, and arrangement, zoning system will be restored. Senator Araraume will now handover to a person from Owerri zone after his tenure. And Owerri to Orlu. We are all brothers and Sisters , and should not allow anything to divide us, or damage our corporate existence as a people of one hope and one destiny. Anybody from Orlu, that has the ambition to run for the Imo State governorship seat come 2019, has no conscience and should be deemed selfish and greedy, and therefore must definitely and surely fell.

Senator Ifeanyichukwu Araraume is highly experienced politically. He is a wizard in political party organization and administration. He has served as a state chairman of a renowned political party (APP) here in Imo state. From his working experience he has known, that political power is vested on the people by God- hence power belongs to the people, and all powers belong to God Almighty.

For this reason, he has always been in terms with God and the people. This is why, he does not fell elections and will also not fell in this all important election of his life, as this will be his forth attempt for the governorship seat of Imo State.
The series were 2007, 2011, 2015 and the forth coming 2019. God keeping us alive.

The distinguished Senator has also served Okigwe Senatorial Zone for eight solid years in the upper Chamber, that is House of Senate.
He knows the working and operational principles of government. He is not coming to learn a job, because he is already in the System and highly loaded with divine natural ideas. The senator is not coming to destroy or demolish, the economic potentials of the Imo people, so as to make them beggars in their own fathers land, or confiscate and acquire their God given lands and properties by the use of force and deceit, introduce obnoxious government policies that aim at wrecking the economic well being of the people as we see today.

The Senator’s mission is a very simple one. His main purpose for seeking political power is to liberate and restore the dashed hopes of Imo people, through God’s special grace. President Olusegun Obasanjo, out of his lofty selfish ambition to establish a lasting dynasty for himself, created a roaring political turbulent water in Imo State, that has been consuming the political growth and stability of Imo State since 2007. Since then, Imo politics has not enjoyed any peace, because the polity has been over heated, and the heat that radiates from the furnace is boiling, melting and crushing many politicians to ashes and coals. There is no longer any sense of belonging among the people. They have put a knife into the things that held us together and we have fallen apart. But the restoration of Senator Araraume’s stolen mandate of 2007, in the forth coming 2019 governorship election, will definitely usher in a new era of hope, trust, confidence, peace, unity, harmony, political stability and sense of belonging among the three senatorial zones of Imo State.

Araraume’s onward match to the Government House come 2019, is a divine project with a divine mandate, and will be characterized with mass movement and solidarity that no human being can stop.
God will be using Senator Araraume to regain back God’s people to God, and all the ungodly acts of the present administration will be reverted to give God his desired praise and glory.

This will bring to an end, the worship of symbols and images of foreign gods and occult powers and principalities, as we see them littered all over the cities and the roads of Imo state. God forbid, this anti-Christ practices in Imo State.

The administration will also bring to an abrupt end, all forms of deceits, government forgery and falsified polices that are aimed at defrauding the Innocent people of Imo State.
There will be a revisitation of payment of workers salaries to echo with the policy of as and when due, restoration of leave and leave allowances, promotion of workers, and every other entitlement and benefits due to workers.

Proper attention will also be given to pensioners in respects to their gratuity and pensions. In its totality, the Civil rights and privileges of the people will be highly honoured and respected at all times.
This is a crusade everybody must endeavour to play a vital role in. There will be a divine touch on the legislative organ for their revival and reawakening to its duties.

The people of Imo State have decided and are resolved to hold their destiny in their hands without allowing any external influence to bear upon it. There is no how any of the Okorocha’s and their surrogates will be allowed to govern Imo State again. Enough is enough. They have abused the act of governance and trampled the people under their feet, by making governance a household business affairs. Everything Rochas has destroyed, will be corrected and amended by Senator Araraume.

This is a divine project. The God of liberty that loves his people, will enthrone Senator Araraume into the governorship seat of Imo State come 2019, Through the massive votes, he is going to enjoy from the people. The Imolites have resolved and there will be no going back until the divine mandate is given to Senator Araraume by God’s divine mercy and goodwill. Please be part of this noble project.


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