Prior to the Otokoto riot that broke out in Owerri in 1996, snakes were swallowing snakes before one Mr. Innocent Ekeanyanwu was apprehended by security agencies for carrying a blood dripping head of an 11 year old boy, Master Ikechukwu Okonkwo.

This sparked outrage and riots that led to the burning of houses and properties of those suspected to have acquired ill gotten wealth. In Igbo land, a case of a snake swallowing snake is considered a bad omen and signs of bad things to happen.

A repeat of such strange act took place yesterday at Umugaragu, in Enyiogugu in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area.

An Owerri based journalist, Mr. Kenneth Uwasomba posted on INNONEWS.COM.NG WHATS UP WALL photo of the act and wrote “what you are witnessing is a repeat of what happened in 1996,that ignited the Otokoto episode-a snake swallowing another. It is happing right now in Umugaragu, Enyiogugu,Aboh Mbaise LGA”


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