The Igbo Elders Forum have warned Governors of the South East region against making land available for cattle colonies in the region.

According to the elders, the proposed cattle colony is not only conservative, retrogressive, obnoxious but parasitic and anti-people.

The Elders who met on the proposed cattle colonies at the close of its emergency meeting made their position known through two time Federal Minister, Prof Ihechukwu Madubuike said

He said “Governors in Igboland are advised in their own interest not to give out any land for cattle colony as our people will vehemently resist it.

“The social media reports and some rumours making the round that a governor in Igbo land is contemplating donating 10,000 hectares of land for cattle colony had better remain at the realm of rumor mongering because Ndi-Igbo will resist any such undemocratic and unpopular action.

“It should be remembered that our people still practice shifting-cultivations; that a parcel of land is left to fallow does not mean it is underutilized.”


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