I have never joined issues with anyone on who should take over from Governor Rochas Okorocha in 2019. It is baseless to do so when there are issues that are more important in electing a state Governor. So many names have been bandied about in the public domain about those seeking to become Imo State Governor in 2019. The likes of  Uche Nwosu, Eze Madumere, Emeka Ihedioha, Ifeanyi Araraume, Jude Ejiogu and others  have dominated the media space for a long time. This is not the crux of the matter.

The issue is Imo State is in dire need of restoration and revival. And it needs it desperately.  The State is in dire straits no matter how the present government labours to convince us that all is well. All cannot be well when there is stinging hardship in the state and the citizenry complain ceaselessly of hunger.  This is why the people should take their time and study all the governorship aspirants. Political parties are of no importance for now. No Governor of Imo State has ever adhered to the manifesto of its political party or used it as his guiding tool in formulating and shaping policies for the State.

Keeping a close tab on the aspirants is paramount. It should be our focus. We cannot afford to go back to Egypt. We cannot afford another holocaust, another stormy years where the few merry and the majority wallow in agony.  And if we must avoid a repeat of the years of pestilence, then we should focus our energies on assessing the credentials, capacity and more importantly the character of the person who wants to govern  over 6 million Imolites in 2019.

Imo State have never had it so good in choosing its governors since the advent of democracy in the country in 1999. Udenwa was not prepared for governorship though he deserves credit for some of his achievements in office. His successor, Ikedi Ohakim gatecrashed into Government House considering the political circumstances that took him there. Okorocha in his definition is practicing unconventional governance which is not known among the rules that regulate and moderate modern governance.

When we look at the slow pace of economic development in Imo State, you will agree with me that Imo is a backward state begging for transformation. We need a governor with a spark, with vision, glamour and ideas driven in 2019. We need a pragmatic leader, a listening governor well tutored in the art of modern governance- a governor in the mould of former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke. We need a Peter Obi kind of Governor filled with the adrenaline to better the lives of the people.

One with a magic wand, a burning passion to take Imo State to the next level, a youtful person with no exuberance who posses fine qualities that can take Imo State to Olympian heights. If we elect another Johnny Walker, another dramatist or gatecrasher, then our sorrows as a people will continue unabated.

Imolites should not choose their next governor on sentiments  and other mundane issues. The best should be what we should crave for. Big names with little or no capacity to deliver should not be elected- they are political spent forces. Voting for governorship aspirants on sympathy basis is also unacceptable. What is acceptable is to have a governor with the ability to deliver and change the mangled face of Imo State.

Benson Onuoha Writes From The USA


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