The moment I posted a short piece on my Facebook wall few days ago
it and many with opposing views attacked me, Hon Uche Nwosu and indeed
Governor Rochas Okorocha. These people with opposing views came to
such conclusions because I attached pictures of King Saul, David,
Governor Okorocha and that of Hon. Uche Nwosu to buttress my point.

I personally do not have any animosity towards them. They have the
right to express their feelings. They also have the right to support
whosoever they want to support for any elective position. Conversely,
I equally have the right to express my political feelings, and indeed
market whosoever I want to support as 2019 elections draw closer. As a
socio-political crusader with very large followership across the
divide in my environment, it is incumbent on me to set the pace, give
direction, nurture dreams and indeed execute such dreams to reality;
without hurting anybody’s feelings. Therefore, anybody attacking me
for expressing myself is either operating at a low frequency
(wavelength) or is being mischievous.

I am aware that some political operatives in Imo State have been out
of power since 2011; hence the desperate desire and effort to come
back to power in 2019. Therefore, the Uche Nwosu project to them is
seen as a stumbling block that must be bulldozed by all possible means
and at all cost. These political operatives always ask themselves the
question: can we afford to be outside government for another
four/eight years from 2019, as the case may be? Let us therefore
continue to attack, defame, demean, blackmail, intimidate, degrade and
indeed demarket Hon. Uche Nwosu and whatever he represents.

It is worthy to note that some of these political operatives have
been perpetual political aspirants; therefore Uche Nwosu, a “small
boy” of yesterday must be stopped. Hence, the deployment of their
in-experienced and very incompetent foot soldiers to attack Uche Nwosu
on constant basis on the pages of newspapers and on social media

Let me at this point state that as a “General”, I am not in any way
bothered by these infantile attacks because even David faced similar
attacks; from his brothers, from his kinsmen, from his soldiers, and
even from his supporters etc. yet, in the end, he emerged King of
Israel and Almighty God completely supported it. It is therefore not a
coincidence that Hon. Uche Nwosu is exactly passing through the same
process. It is rather a prophesy that is gradually being realized.
Let us follow the biblical story of David again to show and indeed
prove that the political leadership module, roadmap and pathway of
Hon. Uche Nwosu are exactly the same, as ordained by Almighty God. In
1 Samuel Chapter 18 verse 5, we saw how King Saul first appointed
David his Personal Assistant. Later King Saul upgraded David by
appointing him the Commander of his Army. This was made possible
because whatsoever King Saul asked David to do, he did it
successfully. In the same manner, Owelle Rochas Okorocha first
appointed Uche Nwosu his Personal Assistant at different levels of his
ascendency to power. And because he was satisfied with him, and indeed
because Uche Nwosu effectively, efficiently and successfully did what
Governor Okorocha asked him to do, he was later appointed Deputy
Chief of Staff, then Commissioner for lands and Urban planning, and
finally the Chief of Staff. Mind you, the Chief of Staff is equivalent
of the “Commander of the Army”. Just as the appointment of David as
the Commander of the King Saul’s Army was applauded by the fighting
men and officers alike (please check your Bible, 1 Samuel Chapter 18
verse 5), the appointment of Hon. Uche Nwosu was also applauded by
majority of Imo citizens.

Biblical accounts show that David used his position as the Commander
of King Saul’s Army to enrich and empower not only the troops but also
the people of Israel. In the same manner, Hon. Uche Nwosu has used and
is still using his position as Governor Okorocha’s Chief of Staff to
selflessly empower the youths, men, women, widows, prison inmates,
disabled and generally the less privileged in the society. It should
be noted that this is the very first time a Chief of Staff in the
history of Imo State has openly and selflessly embarked on empowerment
of his fellow citizens. Today, Hon. Uche Nwosu has been acknowledged
as a Commander of Empowerment to various categories of people in the
State and beyond. This is not a coincidence. It is a fulfillment of
the prophesy, as in the case of David. Almighty God was with David,
just as he is with Uche Nwosu in fulfillment of the prophesy. Verse 14
of the same Chapter says, “David continued to succeed in everything he
did, for the Lord was with him. And all Israel and Judah loved David
because he was so successful at leading his troops into battle. The
same can be said of Hon. Uche Nwosu.

1 Samuel Chapter 18 from verse 18 says much of David’s marriage to
King Saul’s daughter, Michal. It is on record that David came from a
lowly and humble family background. When the offer of David to marry
King Saul’s daughter came to him, he exclaimed thus, “Who am I and
what is my family in Israel that I should be the king’s son in-law. My
father’s family is nothing”. Yet the will of Almighty God was
fulfilled when David eventually married Michal. Similarly, the will of
Almighty God was fulfilled in 2013 when Hon. Uche Nwosu eventually
married his wife (Uloma), who happens to be Governor Okorocha’s
daughter. The same scenario played out; an indication that a prophesy
is gradually being fulfilled. This has ultimately made Uche Nwosu the
envy of most ambitious, selfish and greedy political leaders across
the state.

On the issue of “spoils of War’’; Uche Nwosu has not failed to carry
his supporters, foot soldiers, staff and indeed the people of Imo
State along. Just like David, Hon. Uche Nwosu does not see the “spoils
of War” as his own only. Several instances abound on how David shared
out what could be termed his “Spoils of War” among his foot soldiers,
including those who did not follow him to the battle field. One
therefore does not need soothsayers to tell him or her that a prophesy
is being fulfilled in the life Hon. Uche Nwosu in this regard.
Like in all human endeavors, success breeds envy. Immediately you
become successful, opposition against your person swells. This should
be expected since we are living in a competitive environment.
Nevertheless, the way and manner one handles those who are supposedly
opposed to him determines his ability to lead or not. Just like David,
Hon. Uche Nwosu has so cultivated the friendship of even those
seemingly opposed to him that no one can categorically accuse him of
any wrong doing. However, whatever opposition Uche Nwosu is still
facing today cannot be his own making or fault. It is rather what I
call “transferred aggression” which is actually a misplaced one.

Having come this far, it is quite obvious that David and Hon. Uche
Nwosu have the same properties and characteristics. Since David later
emerged king of Israel, ordained by Almighty God, it follows that Uche
Nwosu will also emerge Governor; in fulfillment of the prophesy.
As 2019 elections draw closer, the people of Imo State will on their
own accord elect a new governor. Imo citizens will definitely not
allow outside influence to determine who their governor would be come
2019. I say this because a serving Governor in Rivers State (who is my
friend) and the immediate past Governor of Rivers State are today
struggling to impose governorship candidates of their respective
parties in Imo State. They want to impose a governor in Imo State come
2019. This must not be allowed to happen.

On the issue of zoning; I personally do not believe in zoning because
it breeds mediocrity. But if Imo citizens insist on zoning, who am I
to say no? The question will be; Is it zoning from Elders to Youths?
Is it zoning from Orlu zone to Owerri zone? Is it zoning from Okigwe
zone to Owerri zone? Whichever way it is viewed, the youths are the
most deprived and marginalized in Imo state; hence they must be given
the chance to express themselves in leadership. The same set of people
that contested elections of various positions in 1999 and 2003, are
the same people jostling to contest again in 2019 (20 years after).
The youths should be given the chance to express themselves in
leadership, and Hon. Uche Nwosu has shown dexterity, commitment,
sincerity, Honesty, dedication and stead fastedness with the current
position of Chief of Staff, and he needs to be upgraded to the
position of prophesy come 2019.

As I am seriously preparing to contest for an elective position come
2019, I am also enjoining all other youths in Imo State to come out
and take their rightful positions in the state. Our political leaders
should take the back seat and allow the youths to steer the mantle of
leadership come 2019. Luckily for the youths, Hon. Uche Nwosu has
demonstrated that the Imo Youth has the capacity, ability and
ingenuity to take over the leadership of the State just as David
demonstrated his leadership qualities in taking care of his father’s
sheep in the wilderness, rescuing the sheep from wild animals,
fighting and defeating Goliath, commanding and leading Israel’s army
to various battles and victories before ascending the throne as king.
As it was with David, so shall it be with Uche Nwosu. These prophesy
must be fulfilled in Jesus Mighty name I pray, Amen. QED.


Hon. Citizen Dr. Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI, MKDA.
Former Senior Special Assistant on Media
Former Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties
Imo State House of Assembly
Owerri Imo State Nigeria
23rd January, 2018.


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