With the chairmanship election of Imo State Traditional Rulers Council now scheduled to hold on Thursday, January 11, 2018, two major contenders for the plum job, the incumbent chairman, Eze Sam Ohiri and another major contender, Eze Sam Oliver Ohanweh are now in a rat race lobbying the 81 delegates that will decide who heads the council in the next five years.

Another aspirant, Eze Chidume Okoro is also in the race.

Eze Ohanweh is highly favoured on the grounds that Okigwe zone has not produced Chairman of the Council since its inception.  If the factor of zoning is a determinant factor on who wins the contest, then Ohanweh looks good to breast the tape of victory.

However, the scramble for the votes of delegates has began with the aspirants reaching out to them. Traditional Rulers from Orlu zone hold the key to the victory of the contestants as it has the highest number of delegates.Whoever garners their votes is sure of victory.

Of the 81 delegates that will take part in the polls, Orlu zone have 36, Okigwe zone 18 and Owerri zone 27 delegates. It was gathered that lobbying of the delegates by the contestants had begun during the yuletide and has continued unabated.

With the postponement of the election which was earlier scheduled to hold on Monday, January 8, 2018,  it has given ample time for more lobbying of the delegates by the aspirants.

An uncomfirmed report said some top politicians in the State have joined the lobbying appealing to the delegate traditional rulers to vote for their preferred candidates.

The incumbent Eze Sam Ohiri may banking on the power of incumbency, but in an election where its outcome is influenced by certain political forces outside the ambit of the traditional rulers, Thursday’s election is certainly a nobody’s game.






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