Former Imo State Governor, Ikedi Ohakim has said he does not intend to witch hunt anyone if he is re- elected as second term governor of the state.

According to a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Collins Ughalaa, Ohakim said he is concerned about reports on the social media which stated that he intend to punish those who worked against his re- election in 2011.

Ohakim had lost his bid to return as Governor in 2011 to incumbent Governor of the State, Rochas Okorocha.

He assured that there is no atom of truth in the claim, as it is the warped imagination of the authors of the false stories.

The former Governor called on Imo people to see the claims as spurious and the continuation of the wicked propanganda to stop him and to continue the destruction and wicked manipulation of going ons in the State.

“The false claims do not in anyway portray the personality of Dr Ikedi Ohakim who has demonstrated that a leader should not be vindictive.

“Dr Ohakim is not a man who keeps scores and he definitely does not have any scores to settle with anybody. He sees what happened in 2011 as politics and has since mended walls with all those who played any roles in the 2011 governorship election that led to his loss.

“Imo people regret their roles in bringing to power the Okorocha government that has taken them to Egypt. They have seen the need to bring back Dr Ikedi Ohakim in 2019 because of the failure of this government”

“The project of wrestling Imo State from the grip of bad and failed leadership and rebuilding the days the locusts have eaten is what Dr Ikedi Ohakim is committed to, and he calls on all Imo people to join him in this project” the statement stated.

He said the the project of Bring Back Ikedi Ohakim is not about settling scores.

“ It is about the future of Imo State. It is about rebuilding the damaged and dysfunctional governance infrastructure in the state. It is about returning honesty, quality, accountability and the rule of law to Imo State Government. Imo people want to go back to the days when contracts were bidded, to the days when government contracts never failed, to the era of economic boom in the midst of biting global economic meltdown, the era when money circulated and Imo people were really happy.

“Nevertheless, we understand that those who have pillaged the economy of the state, grabbed both government and public land, disobeyed several court rulings and threw the rule of law and due process overboard may be afraid that they might lose their fortunes when Dr Ikedi Ohakim becomes Governor again in 2019.

“Imo people know those who have demolished properties belonging to their opponents, and those who did this fear someone else could do same to them. But instead suffering from such fears, they should rather turn a new leaf and apologise to Imo people whom they have disappointed for close to seven years now” the statement concluded