Former Imo State Governor, Ikedi Ohakim has announced his decision to return to Government House, Owerri, six years after he left office.

Ohakim says he needs all hands on deck to succeed in his bid to become Governor again, saying it is time Imo State return to the hands of God.

According to a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Collins Ughalla, the former Governor said he cannot achieve the task alone, promising to stand for the people at all times.

“I will always stand for our people and the future of our children. ‘Let us go is not the journey of one man’. Ohakim cannot ensure that growth and development we desire alone. I need your help. We need each other to take Imo State from the unfortunate present to the desired future” he said.

He said that he is running for governorship in 2019 not for his personal interest but for the sake of the future of Imo children.

“If the future of my children won’t be affected, hey! why should Ikedi Ohakim care? If the future of my grand and great-grand children won’t be affected, why then should I care? If the future of your children weren’t to be affected by my silence and indifference, why then should I care?

“Our silence and indifference today when things go wrong would not only be suffered by you and I but by generations even yet unborn”.

The former Governor said he cannot afford  to turn a blind eye in the face of evil.

“When we turn a blind eye to impunity because of party sentiments or because your brain thinks you hate Ohakim even without any tangible reason; my dear, the effects will not affect only you today but your children and grand children in the future.

“When we tell leaders that it is alright to owe civil servants and wish our pensioners to an early grave before the time God apportioned to them simply because of one sentiment or the other, my dear, Karma has a way of dealing retributive justice; and like some of you would say: ‘your own is doing press up waiting for you'”.

He also called on Imo people in the private sector not to turn a blind eye, noting that “You are in the private sector and do not care what happens to those in the public sector. Do you know what tomorrow holds for you or your family members? Your bosses in the private sector may even learn from your leaders in the public sector that it is alright to owe you months of salaries, to slash your salaries and to owe you pensions and before you knew it, our silence and indifference or senseless hatred for Ohakim would be the root for pain and suffering for our children”.

He recalled that he had been attacked and blackmailed severally by those whose interest he is working for. “I have been attacked by blackmailed and abused by those I wish good for and will still be attacked, blackmailed and abused, even by those I am trying to ensure a better tomorrow for them and their children; but should I be deterred? My children and their future will not let me. Your children and thoughts of their future (even if you unknowingly think negatively for them) will not let me”.

Dr Ohakim assured that “Imo is definitely returning back to the hands of God.

“If you disagree, do you prefer it stays in the clutches of evil?” the statement quoted the former Governor to have said.


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