The Rescue Mission camp of Governor Rochas Okororcha may have opted for a core “Rescue Mission Compliant and a non outsider” as successor to the Governor, this newspaper can reveal.

Okorocha had in an interview with the Vanguard Newspaper last year said he has three persons in mind to take over from him in 2019.

A top level source in the Governor’s camp revealed to this online newspaper at the weekend that true to Okorocha’s revelation that the shortlisted person in his camp for the plum job is one who understands the inner workings of his government, understands its philosophy and determined to follow the path he had laid .

The Source said “ Though he (the Governor) is keeping his choice close to his chest, I can tell you that his choice is one that is part of the Rescue political family. No outsider will get his nod for the plum job”

When this newspaper prodded further to know which geo political zone the next governor will emerge from the Governor’s camp, he said “Zoning is of no importance. The Governor’s successor will not be chosen based on zoning. He has said it that zoning is dead and true to this fact, any leader that emerges based on zoning will be a clannish leader”

“He believes that any politician that gets into any political office based on zoning will be a clannish leader because he or she will channel all his energy in doing things that would satisfy his people”

“But when a politician is elected on popular demand, devoid of zoning, he or she will see the entire state as his own and treat every zone equally in the scheme of things,”


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