One is sitting, the other is kneeling. Both of them receiving chieftaincy titles. One is surrounded by crowd of traditional rulers swarmed around him, while the other is kneeling before a traditional ruler radiating humility and obedience. Both of them are interested in the governorship race of Imo State. These events took place at different places and times but portend different meanings.

Eze Chidume Okoro(with mic) and other traditional rulers conferring Chieftaincy title on Uche Nwosu( In White)

The photo of Chief of Staff, Government House, Owerri, Uche Nwosu sitting down and conferred a chieftaincy title by some traditional rulers have been trending on the social media for some-time. 

Another photo shows Tony Nwulu, a member of the House of Representatives who represents Oshodi/Isolo Federal Constituency taking the same chieftaincy title from a traditional ruler.

The question is what has our traditional institution turned to? How could our traditional rulers reduce themselves to nothing by accepting to stand and confer a chieftaincy title on an individual. It is a sacrilege for one to sit down and take traditional titles in Igboland. Its unheard of. Its unacceptable. Many wonder why our traditional rulers had to condescend so low to the point of standing up to confer a chieftaincy title on Nwosu who chooses to sit down. When custodians of our culture violate them simply to please a public office holder, a mere appendage to a serving governor then it is worrisome and shows the depth of the rot in our traditional institution.

Uche Nwosu has been speculated to run for Imo State governorship race. He should have shown some respect by standing up to receive the title which is the norm when chieftaincy titles are being conferred in Igboland. We hope this is not a sheer display of what Imo people will get if he is eventually made Governor of the State.

Humility is the key to attain leadership positions and when it is lacking, it generates some concern and worry.

The other photo shows Hon. Tony Nwulu who recently joined the Imo governorship race on the platform of the PDP kneeling before a traditional ruler to be conferred a chieftaincy title.

Hon. Tony Nwulu Conferred Chieftaincy Title.

Nwulu is from Eziudo in Ezinihitee Mbaise LGA but broke ethnic barriers to represent Oshodi/ Isolo Federal Constituency in Lagos State in the House of Representatives. For him to achieve such feat in Yorubaland in a country ethnicity still rear its ugly head in politics shows he is a thoroughbred and one with unimaginable capacity to surmount many odds.

For him to kneel and conferred a traditional title which is the customary norm, while the other sits, shows a remarkable difference in the quality of leadership Imo State will get when the chips are down. It is important we measure and asses the attitude of public office seekers through their actions and inactions before they get our votes during elections.

These acts have shown a marked difference in character of the duo and it is important Imolites take note and be guided before the general elections in 2019.


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