The heat level in Owerri, Imo State capital has raised concern among Owerri residents as temperature in the city exceeds 36 centigrade

Some of residents who spoke to our correspondent complained on the rising temperature in the city which they described as intense and abnormal.

It was observed that the heat level in the city increased since last week after the hamatthan  haze. Pure water vendors now make brisk business, so also those who sell handkerchiefs.  Some of the pure water hawkers who spoke to this online newspaper said business have been good since the heat level in the city city rose last week

A Pure water vendor, James Okara said “Before the heat, I sold about 2 bags of pure water a day, now I sell about 4 to 5 bags. Thanks to the heat as people now take more water”

No reason has been given for the rise but a weather expert, Mr. John Onuwa said there is nothing abnormal in the rising heat level in the city. He said its intensity and pace is normal and nothing out of place.

“It is normal. After the hamatthan comes the heat, then the rains will come therefater” he said


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