In a surprise twist at the Imo State House of Assembly, members rejected the proposed amendment of a Bill to give autonomy to the local Governments which will guarantee it financial independence from the State government.

Local Governments in Nigeria have been stifled of funds which has lead to massive underdevelopment across the LGAs as State Governors annex the State and local Government joint accounts.

The Nigerian senate had proposed an alteration of the Constitution allowing the abrogation of the State Joint Local  Government Accounts and empower each local Government council to operate its special accounts.

During the deliberation of the matter on the floor of the House, the Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, after contributions from members put the matter to a vote and surprisingly members against it carried the day.

One of the dissenting voices, and Minority Leader of the House, Hon. Kevin Agbim of the PDP  said  “rejecting Local Government Autonomy will be the worst thing that can happened to democracy”

He made reference to Atlanta in United States which is a local government council that was able to build an airport because it has financial independence, stating that local government autonomy will ultimately serve the interest of the people.

He enumerated some of the gains of local government autonomy to include jobs creation and other dividends of democracy.

Agbim stated that his position reflects the collective decision of members of his political party- the PDP that are in the minority in the Assembly.


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