Ndigbo have been enjoined to be meticulous in selecting those to represent them at all levels come 2019, using integrity, credibility and pedigree as yardsticks.


The call was made by the National President of the Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU), Chief Emeka Diwe, while fielding questions from airport correspondents in Abuja at the  weekend.

Diwe said that the Igbo question in Nigeria can be addressed and the broken umbilical cord of mutual trust between the Igbo youth and the political leaders reestablished through credible, accountable and purposeful leadership driven by men and women of peerless integrity, even as he maintained that the Town Union, being the oldest political institution in Igbo land, has flourished by embracing integrity as an article of faith in choosing its leaders.

He added that given the reality of dwindling oil revenues in Nigeria, it has become additionally imperative for the Igbo to elect leaders with vast managerial acumen and proven competence in value creation, as, according to him, “only such people can unlock the enormous potentials of the region and rev up the economy.”

The Town Union Leader also commended the Presidents-General of the Town Unions in over 2,500 communities across the South East for their sacrifices and passion in implementing the political awareness and electoral participation initiative which was developed by the National Executive Council of the Association to enhance the enfranchisement of more people in the grassroots and make the culture of voting in Igbo land pervasive

* Emeka Diwe* ASETU President

.He however frowned at the reports submitted by the Association’s field agents most of which indicated that the machines for the continuous voter registration exercise in a good number of places in the South East were not functioning properly, and called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to look into it.


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