Personally, the race for Imo governorship contest has become a child’s play, a comic show or rather a circus where jesters make spectators laugh. I m yet to understand why Imo State has become the only state in the federation with so many governorship aspirants.


Will it be an overstatement or an over kill if I am compelled to say that the governorship race has become an all comers affair, an episode for Johnny Just come. Why the high rate of governorship aspirants. This is puzzling. Is the governorship the only vacant job in Imo State? Or does it underscore the fact that the man handling the affairs of the State is not doing a good job?

It was reported in the media that the number of governorship aspirants rose to 34 across five or six political parties.All the aspirants seem to possess the same message which is to unseat Rochas Okorocha, the present Governor. And most of them seem to apply one strategy.  Just declare your ambition, run Okorocha down and bingo, you are considered a governorship aspirant in Imo State. This is absurd. Agreed thatOkorocha has failed to perform depending on how one assesses his performance but the snag there is that none of these governorship aspirants have bothered to tell us how Imo will be salvaged or saved from its present worrisome condition.

It is only one of many aspirants that came up with a “marshal plan” which i read in the media.  Another aspirant came up with one or two ideas that will help the State recover from the malaise plaguing it. Nothing is coming forth from others.  I hope we are not gradually going into a sorry pass. And I think it’s high time we make issues and not sentiments as pivot for the next electioneering.

The media and political space has been dominated by politicians who have placed so much emphasis on dirty political fights, relegating core issues on how to rescue Imo State to the background. This should change and the citizenry should place emphasis on demanding for the manifesto of those who want to run the affairs of the State.

Nwanna Writes From Abuja


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