A governorship aspirant on the platform of Green Party of Nigeria, Hon Stephen Chiadikaobi Emeghara has condemned in strong terms treatment meted to the revered Man of God, saying that such amount to not only an affront to Christians everywhere but also a complete desecration of an institution of God.


Speaking in an interview in Owerri, he bemoaned the erosion of moral and religious values in the State and regretted that those in high places have rather chosen to aid and abet this anomie rather than address it.

The media advertising expert stated that the Archbishop as a man chosen by God to herd his flock owe it as a responsibility and an obligation to speak truth to power when the people are oppressed, and must never be persecuted for doing so. He said the suffering in the land has become unprecedented in Imo State.

He said the economy of the State been so poorly managed and plunged into debt crisis and unemployment by the present administration, stating that the way out is not by harassing the messenger of God or intimidate critics of the government

Hon Emeghara called on the people of the State to put their trust in God and realize that the signs of an end to their plight are now clearer. He enjoined the Church in the State to keep praying for the Archbishop, describing him as a blessing to the people from God. He called on Imoites to get their Permanent Voters Card to enable them cast their votes at the elections


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