A movie producer and a well known actress have opened up on how she met her heartthrob, a colleague of hers who bears the name Offurum Vincent. He is one of the controversial actors in the movie industry.

She said that she never liked him before because she felt he was a womanizer and arrogant. But along the line, they met in a movie set, from there, they interacted and her doubts were cleared. She understood that judging someone from a distance is not the best. They started dating and she built her confidence around him.

She also said that they managed to conceal their relationship from the public and not mixing business with pleasure “We knew when to draw the line when it comes to work, so people saw us as friends”.

She also confessed that they were friends before lovers and finally that her hubby is a very supportive person which was what attracted him to her, and he is down with whatever that makes her happy.


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