The people of Imo State have been cautioned to be wary of deceptive politicians as 2019 general elections approach, to avoid the mistake of 2011 and 2015. They should also reject any politician who is a product of nepotism or handpicked by any godfather as such a person will remain a stooge of the godfather at the detriment of good governance and Imo people.


A business entrepreneur, Chief Johnson Adimike, who handed this warning in Owerri, noted that “Imo needs a humble, focused and vibrant administrator, who is sensitive to public opinion and who is neither greedy nor over ambitions”. He said the problem the state is passing through at the moment was as a result the people’s hasty and wrong judgment in 2011.

Adimike pointed out that the former Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha appears very qualified to manage the state as governor from 2019, stressing that from the information at his disposal, most other aspirants have nothing meaningful to offer the State.

“I have taken time to study most of them seeking to be governor in 2019. While some are seasonal politicians others merely wanted to bear the prefix “His Excellency” attached to their names. Except Ihedioha, none of them has shown consistency since after the 2015 election. Some are even afraid to criticize the incumbent governor. How can such fellows aspire to lead us only to turn into tigers when they win election? We can’t afford to repeat such mistakes else we are all fools. Ihedioha remains Our Best Option for now” Adimike opined

He explained that though he is from Oru West LGA and has never met Ihedioha on one-on-one, he has carefully studied his actions and public statements even while in the National Assembly. “The man is very simple, not corrupt, knows the terrain and is very constructive in his criticism. He is neither hungry nor avaricious. He is the kind of governor Imo needs to fix the state back,” he re-affirmed.

He warned that if the Imo electorate allows the 2019 general elections to be hijacked by godfathers, the pains everybody is facing now will be a child’s play to what will happen from 2019. He said that the time to correct the anomalies going on in the state is almost at hand, stating that every Imo citizen should endeavour to have his or her Permanent Voters Card (PCV) ready. The PVC, according to him, “is our legal instrument of political change. Our State House of Assembly is in coma thus leaving our faith in our own hands”.



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