An indigene of Akokwa in Ideato North Local government area of Imo State, Chief Uzoma Okafor Izuogu (Ozuome Akokwa) has said that Imo State government have no plans to rebuild the Akokwa market which was  demolished  few weeks ago by agents of the Imo State government.


Speaking to newsmen recently, Chief Izuogu opined that judging from  the body language and speech of the representative of Commissioner of Market Development who came to speak to Akokwa leaders and stakeholders on the demolition of the market, there was no indication  that the  State government is serious to rebuild the market.

He observed that nothing meaningful came out of the meeting and he suspected that the people will continue to suffer in poverty as a result of the demolition.

He accused the Imo state government of playing with the feeling of the people and not being able to read in between the lines. According to him the people are fed up and do not trust the government again because of their insincerity. “The insensitivity of the government is unimaginable and I think time to address them has come” he said



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