My name is politics, an inevitable being that can make the poor rich overnight and the rich crumbing on the ground and reducing his family to a begging status. Indeed, I am very powerful, more powerful than power itself because, I am the only source through which a person can get power to rule the most powerful country in the world, America. Unfortunately, more often than not I am misunderstood by those who want to use me to get power. However, before progressing further, it is important to give a little information of my background.


According to unexplained reason, I was born as Christians would say it, created the same time Adam and Eve were created. Because immediately they were created, Satan (Lucifer, original name) was present to begin a process of politics into their marriage – to deceive them and cause their downfall.

Historically, in the human race, my father was Socrates. I have two uncles that helped me to survive. They were Plato and Aristotle. But strictly speaking, my two siblings were Public Relations and History. My elderly brother Public Relations is the only one created in God’s image and the oldest profession (Gen. 1:27). But unfortunately, the image of the world has failed to understand this hence; they often fell in their bids to use me to grab power.

My second brother, history is an inseparable part of me. We are always together, just like a guiding angel to me. It is the History that records every behaviour of those who pass through me to get power. Therefore, without politics, there should be no History. But those who understand this fact make several mistakes in their bid to get power.

I have only one son whose name is Power. Paradoxically, this my only son Power has a mysterious component in him that makes him sometimes behave like a female. We in the family have come to accept this my son’s unique being and we have progressed successfully by regarding him, perhaps as a unisex being with hidden faces.

There is no way one can obtain power to rule others except through me. As the father of the only most powerful thing in the human activities, it is I who gives my son the authority to behave accordingly.

Now to my behaviours as Politics, I am a multi-faced individual, dealing with people according to their attitudes towards me or towards Power which they want to grab.

As a mysterious being, I have the right to treat people nicely if they come in that way. As a being, I can divide families and tear them apart when the need my son, power badly. Friendship or relationship created in my name does not last because, in me as Politics the father and giver of power, I possess all manner of devilish characteristics such as intrigue, dishonesty, cheat, lies, betrayal, distrust, showing people my back hand when they think it is my true hand, manipulating people to fall mugu like children because they need my son. In spite of all these vices which I possess, I have other virtues but rarely exhibited. I believe that in me Politics, loyalty must be rewarded with positive position, influence and money or to use the commonest word, EMPOWERMENT to get POWER.

On the other hand, I am not happy with the people when they fail to reward loyalty particularly if that loyalty attracts elements of power. Otherwise, I have some of my cousins who are ready to be invoked when people try to push me around in order to get the services of my son, Power. Those my cousins include, nemeses, dethronement, poverty after high position, loss of image and this my result is perpetual isolation and death if care is not taken.
In determined efforts to get power, my son, people can resort to any type of machination, manipulation and to all evils including assassination, poisoning, kidnapping, capital deceit.

In fact, friendship built on the process of getting power is always too ephemeral, that is why people including the top Nigerians in particular change political parties as if they are hanging their daily dresses.

Unfortunately, people say that I am unreliable. Yes, I agree because people have multiplicity of face and chameleonic characters to the effect that if I don’t pay them back in their own coins, I will loose power, which is my only son I use to remain in the top of every nation’s affairs. For example; ask my one of my brothers, History he will tell you that all along human existence, everybody who had enjoyed the fruit of my son, power had fallen, from Adam to Satan, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Church Hill, Nikitti Gobberchek, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Richard Nixon, Margret Thatcher including the Obama of yesterday and thousands of other world leaders who have enjoyed little patronage of my son, power.

There is something which people have failed to know. That is, politics is politics and there is politics everywhere. The several years of Military rule in Nigeria was nothing but politics. The handover relay race from Gowon to Murtala, to Obasanjo, to Buhari, to Babangida, to Abacha, to Abdusallam Abubakar was nothing but political chorography strategically laid out by the military to hoodwink the people of Nigeria. Even today, what is going on in our country whether you call it Boko Haram, herdsmen killing, kidnapping of school girls or various assassinations and high profile armed robbery and politics of various dimension. Everything in this country is politics. Today, if my brother History will simply talk for few minutes, he will reveal that our so called democracy even at the highest level is purely FAMILIOCRACY. Some states have seen this and they have copied the system. Even in some familiocracies, kitchen and bedroom have become a function of internal politics.

Now in this country as politics, I have started to have gradual running of stomach which doctors would describe as minor diarrhea. This is not new to me. I have seen it from Adam and Eve through first world, Second World War, Korean War, Nigerian Civil War, Liberian War and Sierreleonan War. Politics in fact, I am nothing but war, war, war. Because, struggling for power is a kind of silent war. But my assurance for those who are aspiring to get power, power, power my great son, they should be careful not to aggravate my running stomach. Because if I vex and am aggravated, I will spill these streets and roads in all the state capitals n Nigeria with feaces from my running stomach. And if this happens, former Keke and Okada riders will laugh, laugh and laugh last. After all he who laughs last laughs best. To be continued


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