A Peoples Democratic Party PDP House of Assembly aspirant for Ehime Mbano State constituency of Imo state, Chief MacDonald Ogoke has expressed his preparedness to serve his people at the Assembly come 2019, insisting that he will only face his legislative duties squarely.


Ogoke who made the assurance while addressing journalists in Owerri yesterday noted that he is ready to represent the people of Ehime Mbano better, adding that he has all it takes to provide the much needed proactive, inclusive and responsive representation.

According to the Ugomba Ehime,” I will not be a push over at the house of assembly as I will provide the much needed proactive, inclusive and responsive representation. Ehime Mbano must get it right in 2019 by voting a core grassroots man to represent them at the Assembly. I have the capacity, fit and proper to represent my people at a time of need like this as I know the responsibilities of a lawmaker. ”

Ogoke pointed out that he will face his legislative duties squarely , stressing that he is not a contractor.

” I’m not a contractor so I will face my legislative responsibilities squarely and allow contractors do their jobs . It will amount to disservice if my people send me to the Assembly and I abandon my legislative responsibilities and start chasing government contracts, I will rather create the avenue that will enable those contractors from Ehime Mbano to get government contracts through my legislative connection” he said

He further maintained that the zoning arrangement in Ehime Mbano favours his area, pointing out that he has been under intensive pressure by his people to come out and serve them considering his dedication and zeal for the collective development of the Ehime Mbano.

He said  ” Yes  I have been under intense pressure to come and serve Ehime Mbano people and I know I have all it takes to provide that service and that is why I m offering myself to serve my people selflessly and dedicatedly. With my political experience and strength, I will be a major player at Imo State House of Assembly in 2019 if elected. I will put Ehime Mbano first in all things that I Will do.”

Ogoke commended the leadership of PDP in Imo State for their leadership prowess, however assured his people that he will create direct positive impacts on them through legislation.

“I will generate purposeful, people oriented and effective representation in 2019 because I know the trade. I will create programs that will have direct impacts on my constituents more especially the youths and the women.” he said


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