*I Have No Hand In It- Nwosu

The taxi cab painting policy of the Imo State Government took a new turn yesterday when some unpainted taxis plied the streets and major roads of Owerri unhindered. Last week, a Special Task Force was constituted which impounded unpainted taxi cabs plying in the State capital.


News had spread like wild fire on the social media that drivers of unpainted taxis were not apprehended because they carried the image of Chief of Staff and a governorship aspirant, Uche Nwosu. The opposition came up strongly with the claims which attracted the attention and concern of many.

Responding to the allegation, Public Relations Officer to the Chief of Staff, Mrs Vivian Onwuka in a statement said his boss has directed that such action should be stopped forthwith as he would not want his name or image to be associated with such controversial action that is anti government.

She said at no time did the Chief of Staff direct any person or group to paint any commercial vehicle with his image, pointing accusing fingers at the Joint National Association of Persons with Disability (JONPWD) of their doing such on their own accord without his knowledge.

The repainting policy of taxi cabs in the State, according to officials of the State government is in line with its urban renewal programme.

* An unpainted Bus With The Image of The Chief Of Staff.


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